One to One Technology Plan


Personalized Learning with 1-1

With the leadership of our technology team and the Dublin City Schools Board of Education we are very excited to start the process of going 1-1 with Chromebooks in our district.   

One of our goals of this implementation is focused on personalization of learning for all students. Technology in and outside of the classroom will enhance each student’s educational experiences. Providing a device to each student, just as a textbook, levels the playing field and ensures all students have equitable access to their curriculum.

Our 4 Year Implementation Plan

Each year for the next 4 years students in the 6th and 9th grade will receive a Chromebook. At the end of the school year, the students will turn in their Chromebooks for maintenance and updates, in August they will receive the same Chromebook back. When the 6th grade students enter high school as freshmen they will receive a new Chromebook. By the fall of 2020 all students 6-12th grade will be 1-1 with Chromebooks in Dublin City Schools.

An annual student technology fee of $40 will be issued each year.

Middle school students will turn in their Chromebooks after their 8th grade year and recieve a new machine as a freshman. 

Seniors who have paid their fees in 9th, 10th and 11th grade will not pay in 12th grade.  We are happy to annouce these students will be able to keep their Chromebook after their senior year so they can have a device for their college and career path.  These devices have a legnthy life spand and will be able to support students in whatever their future holds.

About the Device

The device your student will be receiving is a  Chromebook 3189 for Education, the 2-in-1 laptop to tablet conversion comes with a sealed, spill-resistant keyboard, rubberized edges and Drop Protection, so it can withstand lockers, lunchrooms,  and buses. With at least 10 hours of battery life, this Chromebook will get students through even the longest school days. The Chromebook has a built in LED light system located on the front cover that the students can use to notify the teacher for assistance or the teacher can use in short cycle assessments.


Important Information About Distribution

Before your student receives a Chromebook, you and your student will need to review and sign the 1-1 contract provided in your esign packet your recieve each year to update student information. You will need to pay a $40 Technology Fee through your students EZpay account. This fee will cover the cost of damaged, lost or stolen devices. If they fee is not paid you will be responsible for the full cost of loss or damage to your students Chromebook.

All families who do not wish to accept a Chromebook will be responsible for supplying their student with a like device that can be brought to school daily, along with purchasing district required software.  You must sign this "OPT Out Agreement", turning it in on distribution day.


Student Expectations

Students are expected to treat the Chromebook as a valuable piece of equipment.  It is the student’s responsibility to care for their Chromebook and ensure that it is transported and kept in safe environments. In the case of damage or loss the students will need inform the school immediately, upon time they will receive a loaner or replacement device.

Students must carry their Chromebook in the provided carrying case at all times, to and from school and in between classes.  It is very important that they do not carry their devices in their backpacks.  This carry case is yours to keep, so feel free to use a sharpie to print your name on the bag for identification.

We ask that students come to school with a fully charged machine.  

All students must abide by the district's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at all times, inside and outside of the school day. All students must act as positive and respectful Digital Citizen who takes pride in representing Dublin City Schools.

For your students safety, our district filter will also work in your home as a safeguard against most inappropriate web content.

 Blocksi Software for Parents and Teachers
Blocksi will be downloaded on every Chromebook.  This software will protect our student users from most inappropriate web content in school and at home, along with keeping students on task.  Teachers can filter the websites they want used on a daily basis, monitor student work in real-time, lock devices when necessary and instant message them with support.
Blocksi  also includes a parent portal so that you may monitor student activity while they are at home, block content and shut down the machine in the evening.
 The Parent Dashboard is now open, login and create your account.  Please note that you must use the same email address you have registered with in Dublin City Schools to create your account.
Create an Account for the Blocksi Parent Dashboard
Download the App for your mobile device Blocksi Parent Dashboard App 
blocksi graphic 

 Additional Parent Information for Blocksi.pdf

Additional Parent Information for Blocksi (rtf) 



If you have any questions about the distribution process for your student's school, please contact your student's building. 

If you have questions about the one-to-one technology program and your student's device, please visit our FAQs webpage page.
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