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“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”
- John Dewey
The world is changing. Rapidly. Technology is revolutionizing every industry and every facet of our lives. Research tells us that 65% of children entering grade school this year will assume careers that don’t yet exist. So what does this mean for K12 education? It means the educational systems of today cannot mirror the system of 50 years ago...or 5 years ago. It means our educational system- which is charged with providing all students a solid foundation for which to build their lives - must evolve alongside the rest of the rapidly changing world.

Dublin City Schools is committed to providing all students educational experiences that provide them with the essential content knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college, career and life. The District is constantly reflecting on our system to identify points to innovate. To us, innovation simply means iteration or invention in the name of creating better educational experiences for our kids. We innovate what we teach, how we teach, who teaches, the space in which students learn, and overall systemic pieces that will allow for scalability and sustainability of innovations. In this rapidly changing world, innovation also means acceleration of change - if something isn’t working for our students, we must pivot and change.

5 Types of Innovation in Dublin City Schools:

5 Types of Innovation in Dublin City Schools: 20171316196224_image.png
Content and Skills: What content and skills will we teach students?

Instructional Practice: How will we deliver the content and skills to students?

Human Resources: What are the characteristics and skills of those who deliver content to students. What are the most efficient methods of ensuring our staff has access to the most current research-based practices? 
Space: Where do we deliver the content and skills and is it an efficient and effective space?
 20171316229260_image.png System: If we do all four of the above correctly, how do we make sure everyone and everything is aligned to support this work?

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