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Hello first grade families! 
Welcome to my webpage. 
Here you will find links to helpful learning sites, as well as our weekly newsletters. 
Here's a little bit about me!
     I started teaching first grade at Thomas Elementary in 2008.  Prior to that, I taught first and second grades at Riverside Elementary for 6 years.  I love working with young students because they are curious and excited about learning.  My students quickly become "MY school kids" every year.  I love each and every one of them and I do my best to make sure they are getting what they need to learn and grow.  At Thomas Elementary every child is a leader!  

September 21, 2018

First Grade News

September 21, 2018

Upcoming Dates:

September 28:  Super Games - See below

October 10-19:  Usborne Book Fair

October 11, and 17: Parent Teacher Conference Nights

October 19: No School - Teacher Work Day

October 22:  No School - Teacher conference comp. day

 ******* Super Games is Friday, September 28th! ********

Please send your child with a complete change of clothes (pants, shirt, underwear, socks, shoes).  Super Games activities include water games and the kids love to get WET!  Many of them chose to get very wet but they can change after we are finished if they bring clothes.  Students are not allowed to wear bathing suits.  If you would like your child to wear sunscreen, please apply it at home, before school.  Students are welcome to bring a water bottle, but make sure your child's name is on it.  

Related Arts for next week:

Monday: C -

Tuesday: D - 

Wednesday: A -

Thursday: B - 

Friday: 0 Day - Super Games

Please ask your child to get out the papers out of their folder for you once in awhile.  Some of the kids have a lot of papers building up in their folders.  There are some papers that need to be completed and returned.  Thank you!

This week:  

Word Study: We continued to work on our sight words this week. We practiced the words me, up, at, come, and we. Students also practiced writing their last names.   We began exploring verbs and adjectives. First graders used adjectives to describe how babies were feeling in pictures. We also practiced using verbs, or action words, in a fun game of charades!

Reading:  We practiced using the “stretchy snake” reading strategy this week. When we use stretchy snake, we stretch out the words and then blend the sounds together. Students were introduced to listen to reading. We were able to listen to some of our favorite books on the computer using websites such as Epic, Bookflix, and Storyline Online. Listening to reading helps first graders improve their fluency. 

Students practiced sequencing, or retelling stories in the order of events in which they occurred. We used 5-Finger retelling using the transition words First, Next, Then, After that, and Finally. 

Writing: First graders started writing small moment stories. First graders brainstormed small moment memories to focus on. We practiced stretching out our stories using details.  Students began V.I.P. writing this week.  V.I.P writing reinforces using super sentences (capital letters, punctuation, finger spacing and neat handwriting). At the end of the week, Students read their letters to the class.

Math: Students are learning how to tell when we should add or subtract when working on a math problem. We can look for key words that tell us which operation to use. For example, if we see the words “how many more” we would know that were working on a subtraction problem. Mathematicians completed an addition scoot with a partner to practice more addition facts.

Science: First graders completed their first science experiment this week, the gummy bear experiment. Students observed the gummy bears and asked scientific questions. We made predictions about what we thought would happen when the gummy bears were placed in the solutions. First graders tested their hypothesis by observing the gummy bears after being soaked in four solutions: water, salt water, sugar water, and water with baking soda. Ask your student what he/she observed!

Have a great weekend!  Go Bucks!

- The first grade team

Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Kucinic, Miss. Alleman, Mrs. Oren/ Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Bender, Mrs. Breading

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