Local Government

From time to time, the District likes to remind our community about how your local government works. Your school district and the City of Dublin work closely together, yet we have different funding streams and responsibilities.

Below are some bullet points addressing some of the more common misconceptions regarding school finances and District boundaries.

School district property taxes
• ALL Dublin City Schools residents pay Dublin City Schools property taxes. The municipality, county, or township in which you live is irrelevant when it comes to school district property tax. If you live within the District’s boundaries, you pay Dublin City Schools property taxes. The residents of Jerome Village pay Dublin City Schools property taxes, as do the residents of Columbus, and the residents of Union and Delaware counties.
• Dublin City Schools is funded largely by local property taxes, while the City of Dublin is funded largely by a 2% municipal income tax paid by those who work in Dublin. These two revenue streams are not shared between the agencies.

School district boundaries fast facts
• The boundaries of Dublin City Schools and the City of Dublin are not contiguous. Our District consists of 47 square miles, three counties, and multiple city and township jurisdictions. 
• About 43% of our 16,500 plus students do not live in the City of Dublin. 
• Not all of the City of Dublin lies within the boundaries of Dublin City Schools. The Ballantrae area in the city is located within the Hilliard City School District.
• Your postal address, which county you live in, which city you live in, or which township you live in, have no bearing on what school district you reside in. 
• By Board of Education policy, the District does not accept tuition students who live outside district boundaries. You must live within the boundary lines to attend school in Dublin City Schools.

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