Dear Parents, 

This year the 5th grade students had a patriotic program in November, the 2nd grader's program was in February and focused on ‘love”.    In Music class students have sung – in different languages - danced, read rhythms, and read notes on the staff.   They have created rhythm patterns and melodies, improvised new words to songs and some have written their own song(s).  It has been WONDERFUL to see the progress of each child at Riverside Elementary, grades 1-5.

Your children are amazing, and can learn so much!  I hope you have time to relax this summer, to read a good book or 2, or 3 and enjoy good music that makes you feel happy.  Some music events could be outdoors like the concerts called Sundays at Scioto.  Check out the  music web page for a click on button for more info. 

Have a lovely summer!

Lee Ann Pretzman

Check out below if your child LOVES to  The Columbus International Children’s Choir. They are phenomenal!!!  They have won prestigious awards!  

CALL the Columbus International Children's Choir i
f your child loves to sing.  
(Ages 4-18)
789-9392 is the number to call if interested.

Con Brio - 614-315-6312 ages 4-17 

Worthington Music  - private lessons 614-436-4855

Columbus Children's Choir  at Capital University.  
These are ALL awesome music groups.



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