Laurie Coon

Licensed Professional School Counselor
Educational Preparation:
Master’s Degree:  School Counseling/Univeristy of Dayton
Bachelor’s Degree:  Elementary Education 1-8/
Bowling Green State University
Educational Experience:  20 years School Counselor
                                           9 years Sixth Grade Teacher 
School Counseling Program Information for Parents
*The Dublin City School District's Elementary Counseling Program consists of classroom lessons, small group counseling, individual counseling, and parent/teacher collaboration/consultation. All of these practices correlate with the American School Counselor Association Standards and the Dublin City School Counseling Framework.
*Being "proactive" is a major emphasis as each classroom will receive several lessons throughout the year. Topics such as self-regulation, resiliency, anger management, anxiety, stress management, friendship/social skills, empathy/respect, responsibility, conflict resolution, problem solving, decision making, leadership skills, and personal safety will be discussed.
*Guidance Classes support and promote our culture of enrichment that includes the following thinking habits:   collaboration, perseverence, communicating confidently, thinking flexibly, creativity, and asking questions.
*School counseling topics, parenting tips, and social skill strategies will be sent home electronically to help assist in the success of your child both academically, emotionally, and socially once a month in the school newsletter as well as after classroom school counseling lessons. 

*There are many parenting resources in the school counseling office.  If you are  looking for a certain "social, emotional, or behavioral topic" or have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email.  You can also follow me on twitter at @gre138 for pictures of guidance classes and the latest parenting advice.

Laurie Coon
GRE School Counselor

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