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If you have difficulty understanding English, you may, free of charge, request language assistance services for Dublin City Schools information by contacting the Office of Academics and Student Learning (614) 764-5913 or email us at: b[email protected]
Si usted tiene dificultad para entender el inglés, usted puede solicitar de forma gratuita, servicios de lenguaje para solicitar información acerca de las escuelas de la ciudad de Dublin. Se puede comunicar con la oficina Académica y de Aprendizaje Estudiantil al tel. (614) 764-5913 o por correo electrónico a: [email protected]
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Dublin City Schools
English Learner (EL) Program

In the Dublin City Schools the English Learner Department (EL) has continued to grow each year. We currently have over 1600 English Learners enrolled in our district K-12. These students represent approximately 45 countries and speak over 60 different languages. The top languages currently spoken by the students in the EL program are Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Telugu, Korean and Chinese.

Every building offers support for the English Learners at their site. Services are determined based on the language proficiency levels and needs of the students. We offer sheltered English instruction at the secondary level and a variety of pull-out and inclusion services at the elementary level.
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We currently employ 31 teachers to support the needs of the students in our ELL program. We have 19 elementary school teachers providing service to our students and 13 middle and high school level ELL teachers that provide sheltered English instruction and resource support for our secondary level students.

We also offer bilingual aide support to assist our students with learning. We employ 23 bilingual aides that represent the following language groups: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. The bilingual aide support helps to bridge the communication gap between our students/parents and school staff. 
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Contact Information

For questions about our English Language Learning Program curriculum or instruction, please contact:
Erica Stone, ELL Coordinator 
ELL Coordinator 

Administrative Secretary
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