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Ms. Kellie’s Weekly News

November 11, 2016

This week we had fun learning all about different kinds of food! We brainstormed about different foods that are healthy and unhealthy, and talked about why eating healthy foods is important for our bodies. We had a pretend grocery store where we loved making pretend money and using the grocery carts, food containers, and cash register to go "shopping"! We used Q-tips and sponges to make ears of corn in art, and did an apple graphing activity. Next week we will begin our new learning unit - Thanksgiving!


  • Creation Station:
    • Cut out favorite foods from grocery flyers
    • corn q-tip painting craft
    • roll-an-apple graphing game
  • Pretend Play:
    • pretend grocery store
    • play food
    • boxes, cans, containers
    • grocery lists, flyers, pretend money
    • cash register
  • Sensory:
    • different colored spiral pasta
  • Gross Motor:
    • scooters in APE
  • Computers:
    • farm book on Vizzle


  • Grade cards were sent home today! Please sign and return the outside envelope.

Talking Points:

· What are some healthy / unhealthy foods?


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