2016-2017 KMS Staff Members


Mark Mousa – Principal mousa_mark@dublinschools.net

Brooke Menduni – Assistant Principal menduni_brooke@dublinschools.net


Sarah Kleinhenz kleinhenz_sarah@dublinschools.net

Suzanne Hicks hicks_suzanne@dublinschools.net

Athletic Director

Heath O’Neal – Athletic Director oneal_heath@dublinschools.net

School Resource Officer

Kathy Evans – School Resource Officer evans_kathy@dublinschools.net

Office Staff

Thelma Call – Building Attendance Secretary call_thelma@dublinschools.net

Tami Yoder – Administrative Secretary yoder_tami@dublinschools.net

Chris Yuva – Guidance Secretary yuva_chris@dublinschools.net

Tami Arnold – Special Education Secretary arnold_tami@dublinschools.net


Christina Traylor – Clinic Aide traylor_christina@dublinschools.net

Alicia Plymale – School Nurse plymale_alicia@dublinschools.net

8th Grade
Toby Carpenter – Science/Team Leader carpenter_toby@dublinschools.net

Katy O’Neal – Math/Team Leader oneal_katy@dublinschools.net

Katie Albert – Social Studies albert_katie@dublinschools.net

Megan Buss – Spanish buss_megan@dublinschools.net 

Erin Chandler - Science chandler_erin@dublinschools.net

Amanda Heath – Science/Social Studies heath_amanda@dublinschools.net

Angela Kurtz – Language Arts kurtz_angela@dublinschools.net

Kristi Jerger – Language Arts jerger_kristi@dublinschools.net

Mike Pulsinelli – Math pulsinelli_mike@dublinschools.net

Marcy Reilly – Spanish reilly_marcy@dublinschools.net  

Beth Wilch – Social Studies wilch_beth@dublinschools.net

Jennifer Wolf-Dennis – Language Arts wolf_jennifer@dublinschools.net  
Aaron Young – Math young_aaron@dublinschools.net 
Team 7-1

Bob Cline – Science/Team Leader cline_bob@dublinschools.net

Matt Anglea – Social Studies anglea_matt@dublinschools.net 

Jen Keating – Math keating_jen@dublinschools.net

Tony Keefer – Language Arts keefer_tony@dublinschools.net

Sue Kinney – Language Arts kinney_sue@dublinschools.net

Kevin Levine – Math/Science levine_kevin@dublinschools.net

Beth Wilch – Social Studies wilch_beth@dublinschools.net 
Team 7-2

Kathy Albert – Social Studies/Team Leader albert_kathy@dublinschools.net

Stephanie Ames – Language Arts ames_stephanie@dublinschools.net

Karen Beekman – Science beekman_karen@dublinschools.net

Cassey Hudson – Math hudson_cassandra@dublinschools.net

Kevin Levine – Math/Science levine_kevin@dublinschools.net 

Alyssa Rothermund – Language Arts rothermund_alyssa@dublinschools.net
Beth Wilch – Social Studies wilch_beth@dublinschools.net 
Team 6-1

Christian Miller – Science/Team Leader miller_christian@dublinschools.net

Susan Beery – Math beery_susan@dublinschools.net

Jennifer Dramble – Language Arts dramble_jennifer@dublinschools.net

Jen Hamilton – Language Arts hamilton_jen@dublinschools.net

Jenny Ziraldo – Social Studies ziraldo_jennifer@dublinschools.net

Team 6-2

Michaele Bishop – Science/Team Leader bishop_michaele@dublinschools.net

Katje Bowers – Social Studies bowers_katje@dublinschools.net

Erika Dennison – Language Arts dennison_erika@dublinschools.net

Hilarie Magistrale – Language Arts magistrale_hilarie@dublinschools.net

Jane Voytko – Math voytko_jane@dublinschools.net

Related Arts

Marlo Brown – Art brown_marlo@dublinschools.net

Patrick Schafer – Art schafer_patrick@dublinschools.net 
Bob Gibson – Choir/Team Leader gibson_robert@dublinschools.net 
Matthew Hawley – Orchestra hawley_matthew@dublinschools.net 

Matthew Zuehlke – Band zuehlke_matthew@dublinschools.net

Hilarie Cockrell – Health cockrell_hilarie@dublinschools.net

Chris Huesman – Health huesman_chris@dublinschools.net

Shelly Nighbert – Physical Education nighbert_shelly@dublinschools.net

Nate Hillery - Physical Education hillery_nate@dublinschools.net

Mary Ehrsam – 6th grade Modern Literacy ehrsam_mary@dublinschools.net

Mike Perry – 6th grade Modern Literacy perry_michael@dublinschools.net

Michael Cook –Media Specialist cook_michael@dublinschools.net

Alba Zobel – Library Aide zobel_alba@dublinschools.net

Student Services

Helen Baltzer – Intervention Specialist baltzer_helen@dublinschools.net

Hope Crowley – Intervention Specialist crowley_hope@dublinschools.net

Trey Fogg – Intervention Specialist fogg_trey@dublinschools.net

Karina Ilkanich – Intervention Specialist ilkanich_karina@dublinschools.net

Megan Molyet – Intervention Specialist molyet_megan@dublinschools.net

Angela Polevacik– Intervention Specialist polevacik_angela@dublinschools.net

Olivia DiSilvestro – Gifted Specialist disilvestro_olivia@dublinschools.net

Melissa Eddington – ELL eddington_melissa@dublinschools.net

Jennifer Wolf-Dennis – Reading Intervention wolf_jennifer@dublinschools.net

Katie Canfield – Psychologist canfield_katherine@dublinschools.net

Alyson Remley – Speech Pathologist remley_alyson@dublinschools.net

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