October News October 15, 2018

Dear Parents,  

Thank you for your help in making our field trip to Glacier Ridge possible!  I appreciate everything that you did to complete the forms necessary for the trip and to help your child be prepared for the weather.  Many thanks to our chaperones also.  The students had a memorable experience as they learned about ecosystems, and they also enjoyed the zip line at the playground!

Last week our class worked with a 3rd grade class to complete the service project of preparing the Imagine Community Garden for the winter.  First, students met their buddy and learned a few things about them by doing a Venn diagram activity.  Then, we went to the garden, harvested any remaining vegetables, and removed all the vegetation.  Students helped their 3rd grade buddies understand the process. 

Students have been writing a weekly letter called “What’s Happening?” that describes some of the highlights of the week.   They should be giving the letter to you at the end of the week. If your child is absent they won’t write the letter.  Otherwise, please ask your child for the letter.  It provides a chance for your child to write their thoughts about their week and hopefully will encourage conversation at home!

Your child has home practice to complete after each school day except the last day of the week.  Students should be bringing home the book they are reading in school and spending 30 minutes with it.  They might read the entire 30 minutes or if they didn’t complete their written response entry at school they might read for 15 - 20 minutes and then work on their response entries.  Math homework packets are given the first day of each week and are due the last day of the week. Students should be working on the problems for about 10 minutes each night.  They should bring any questions to me after each evening so that I can help them.  Please help your child find time to do this home practice and to pack all materials at night.

I look forward to meeting with you during our scheduled conference time to discuss your child’s progress.  A conference reminder sheet has been stapled into your child’s planner.  

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with celebrations or questions.  I value our partnership!


Mrs. Jocelyn Shaughnessy


Curriculum Topics

Word Study: Correct use of apostrophes, bases aqua/hydro

Science: Describe energy flow through an ecosystem

Reading: Summarize text; determine theme

Math: Solve problems by adding/subtracting decimal; add/subtract fractions

Writing: Write narratives


Harvest Party Information


If you would like to contribute to our Harvest Party please complete the form below. 

Students should bring their costume to school in a bag.  We will change into costumes about 15 minutes before the parade begins.  Please watch the building emails for additional information about the Harvest Party!

The items we will need for the party are listed below.  Could you please sign your name next to items that you would be willing to provide and then send this sheet back to me no later than Wednesday, October 17? I will staple a sheet into your child’s planner with the item(s) that you should send in for the party.   Thanks!!


Mrs. Jocelyn Shaughnessy


Party Information

24 students in the class

Date: Friday, October 26 

Time:  Parade: 2:30, Parties  3:00 – 3:25

Items can be sent to school earlier in the week or on the morning of the party.

1.     24  donuts_________________________

2.     Juice boxes (24)_________________________

3.     Chips  _____________________

4.     Paper plates____________________________

5.     Veggie tray with dip______________________

6.     Fruit tray_____________________________

7.     Napkins_________________________

8.     Willing to help serve food__________________________

9.     One of the above items that has not been signed up for_____________

Student Name______________________________________

Parent Name________________________________Phone_________________________

E –mail_____________________________________________



Curriculum Night

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