December News

Dear Parents,

December promises to be a quick and busy month at school! In addition to moving ahead with our learning we have a holiday party the day before our break. Please see the attached paper if you would like to contribute to our party.


Students have been working on a variety of writing projects. As part of Multicultural Day students completed an art project showing flags that represent a culture that they felt was connected with their family. We also are almost finished with our “Where I’m From” poems. Please look for both of these projects in the hall outside our classroom the next time you are in the building. Students are also finishing a personal narrative writing project. As students write their narrative they are learning about characteristics of stories and are revising their writing to include dialogue, sensory details, and an ending that connects to the main part of the story.

Help at Home

In this busy time of the year, please continue to help your child establish a nightly homework routine. Your child should be reading the book that comes to and from school for 30 minutes each school night. If your child is completing their written response at home rather than at school they should read for 20 minutes and write for 10 minutes. Students continue to receive a weekly math practice packet. The math packet and assigned written reading responses are due the last school day of the week. Each student has a basic fact fluency goal they are working to accomplish. Please see your child’s goal sheet in the back of the planner for more information. Help your child remember to practice each night for about 10 minutes to reach this goal. Your child should be able to tell you how they should practice. Some might choose to use flashcards that have been provided at school. Others might use a home computer to use the Xtra math site.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with celebrations or questions. I value our partnership!


Mrs. Jocelyn Shaughnessy

Curriculum Topics

Word Study: Using roots to understand word meaning with a focus on -sol/ -mon(o)

Social Studies: Using maps to gather information and make decisions with a focus on U.S/Canada

Reading: Finding main ideas and supporting details in informational text; finding a theme in fictional text

Writing: Finish personal narratives after making revisions and editing


Holiday Party Information


If you would like to contribute to our Holiday Party please complete the form below.

The items we will need for the party are listed below. The students decided to decorate sugar cookies as an activity that would involve eating! Could you please sign your name next to items that you would be willing to provide and then send this sheet back to me no later than Friday, December 8? I will staple a sheet into your child’s planner with the item(s) that you should send in for the party. Thanks!!

Please remember we are a nut- free classroom!


Mrs. Jocelyn Shaughnessy

Party Information

22 students in the class

Date: Wednesday, 12/20

Time: 2:45 – 3:15

Items can be sent to school earlier in the week or on the morning of the party.

1. 20 Plain Sugar Cookies for Decorating_________________________

2. Vanilla frosting in container – enough for 22 cookies _____________________

3. Chocolate frosting in container – enough for 22 cookies_____________________

4. Assorted edible decorations to add to cookies______________________

5. Juice boxes _________________________

6. Chips_____________________

7. Paper plates____________________________

8. Plastic spoons_________________________

9. Plastic knives______________________

10. Veggie tray or Fruit tray______________________

11. Napkins_________________________

12. Willing to help serve food__________________________

13. One of the above items that no one that has not been signed up for_____________

Student Name______________________________________

Parent Name________________________________Phone_________________________

E –mail_____________________________________________



Curriculum Night

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