January News


Dear Parents, 

Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone had a relaxing and fun break.  Our class had a great first day of 2019; I enjoyed hearing what all the students did during their days off. 


Our new writing project that focuses on informational text will address skills in reading and science as well as in writing.    Students will begin by researching a planet.  They will use several sources and then combine the information to write text that examines information about their planet and communicates it clearly.  This project will help students practice informational text reading and help them to learn the characteristics of a planet.  We will extend our understanding of planet characteristics this month in science.  

Help at Home

As we return to school, please continue to help your child establish a nightly homework routine.  Your child should be reading the book that comes to and from school for 30 minutes each school night.  If your child is completing their written response at home rather than at school they should read for 20 minutes and write for 10 minutes.   Students will continue to receive a weekly math practice packet.  The math packet and assigned written reading responses are due the last school day of the week.  Each student will also soon have a basic fact fluency goal they are working to accomplish.  Please see your child’s goal sheet in the back of the planner for more information. Help your child remember to practice each night for about 10 minutes to reach this goal.  Your child should be able to tell you how they should practice.  Some might choose to use flashcards that have been provided at school.  Others might use a home computer to use the Xtra math site. 

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with celebrations or questions.  


Mrs. Jocelyn Shaughnessy


Curriculum Topics for the Month

Word Study:  Greek/Latin parallel bases: ped/pod; tempor/chron

Science:  Explore and describe the predictable movements of the sun, Earth, and moon; describe characteristics of the planets in our solar system

Reading: Identify and describe relationships and interactions between events, ideas, or individuals in a variety of informational texts 

Math: Divide whole numbers; solve word problems involving multiplication and division of whole numbers; multiply decimals; divide decimals; work towards fluency of all single digit math facts

Writing:  Research a topic using several sources and write informational text to clearly communicate the information


Curriculum Night

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