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Welcome to Room 115!
First Grade News 2018

"Hungry to Learn...Eager to Fly...Welcome Future Butterflies!"



Measureable March 






First Grade 2018

In the classroom this month, we are working on:

  1. Striving for Accuracy

  2. Using the Debugging System to solve my own problems

In Reading this month we are learning:

  1. Making connections to other stories and our own lives

In Writing this month we are learning:

  1. How-to’s - we get to write instructions to teach our classmates how to do something we are experts at and explore wonders we have on things we want to learn how to make or do

In Math this month we are learning:

  1. 99/100 Chart Patterns

  2. +1/-1 and +10/-10 starting at any number

  3. Comparing Numbers with <, >, = symbols

  4. Ordering numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least

In Social Studies/Science this month we are learning:

  1. People and the Environment (living in a small town vs. city or living in a polar region vs. desert)

  2. Mapping skills (including direction words, finding places on a map & landforms - rivers, lakes, mountains, hills, forests)


Please do as many of these at home as your are able. We appreciate any support and extra practice you are able to give your child! You do not have to return any of the work. These ideas are just for extra practice and as a way to communicate with you what we are working on at school.



- Help your child read and write sight words

-Listen to your child read the books from his/her reading at home baggie & read to them!

-Have your child do daily jobs at home

-Have your child practice tying his/her shoes

-Be sure your child gets plenty of sleep!



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