Grizzell Library Learning Commons

The traditional idea of the library is the consumption of knowledge; but in the learning commons, we add the creation of knowledge. It is a place to build, create, make, edit, experiment, collaborate, and produce!
Our mission is to prepare students for lifelong learning.
Lifelong Learners know how information is organized, how to find it,
and how to use it. In a complex world of digital information sources,
our students must become information literate.
Information Literacy is the set of skills needed to locate, retrieve, analyze,
and use information. We provide a variety of excellent databases
(organized collection of electronic and digital sources) which have been
reviewed for our students on the basis of:
Credible (Believable) 
Written by authors with credentials (education)
Mrs. Moshiri - Library Media Specialist
614-718-8629  VM
GMS Cross Country - Head Coach
Power of the Pen - Co-Coach

GMS Library Schoology Group
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Database Research
Quicktime video discusses how to use Gale and INFOhio research databases
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Introduction to Student Resources in Context
This is a screencast which overviews the layout of SRC and how to access the different features.
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Noodletools HELP

Noodletools HELP 2015528141314389_image.png

GENERAL - How to create a bibliography using Noodletools: 
SHORTCUT (cut and paste) to citing sources using Noodletools

How do I create a NOTECARD for my citation?

Sharing and Collaborating?

How do I share a project with my TEACHER?

How do I set up collaboration with my TEAMMATES?

Watch Noodletools Mrs. Moshiri's SCREENCASTS
(created just for GMS) SEE BELOW
Noodletools Sharing
Explains how to share a project with a teacher.
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New User Noodletools
Quicktime video to illustrate how to create a new Noodletools Account 2013
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Creating a new project
This screencast shows you how to create a new project for a bibliography
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6th Grade Products - Mrs. Moshiri's lesson on options for your research

Products Include:
TED Talks
Multimedia Timeline using Knightlab
Creating a website using Google Sites, Weebly, Wix
Graphic Novel creation
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