Emerald Campus FAQs

Dublin City Schools Emerald Campus


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the name of the new facility?

  1. The board of education has selected the name “Dublin City Schools Emerald Campus”.

Q. Which students will get to use the facility?

  1. Any students who sign up for the academic pathways or programs offered there (IT, Biomedical, Business, Teaching, Engineering, Young Professionals, WBA, Post Secondary, etc.)

Q. How much of a student’s day will be in this facility?

  1. This depends on the program or pathway a student participates in and can range from 1-2 periods to half day to full day.

Q. What is the purpose of the facility?

  1. - Alleviate overcrowding at 3 high schools

- House academy programs (IT, Bio-Medical, Engineering, Teaching, Business, Young Professionals) & alternate programs (WBA, etc.)

- Lab school for experimentation of best practices in teaching & learning

Q. How will staff be selected for the facility?


     A. Based on current assignments, future program needs, enrollment, etc.

Q. How will students be transported to the facility?

  1. Students with a valid driver’s license will have the option to get written parent permission to drive themselves.

  2. Bus transportation between the high schools and new building will be provided as an option as is currently done with existing programs.

Q. How much money is this new facility costing taxpayers?

  1. 9.4 Million + estimated 9 million renovation cost (versus 90 million for a new high school)

Q. Is it true that students are not allowed on the 4th floor?

  1. Yes. The building was designed and built to code for adults as an office space; no one under 14 is allowed in (except for visits) on floors 1-3 and no one under 18 is allowed on the 4th floor.

Q. How does this affect the District’s relationship with Tolles Career & Technical Center?

  1. Tolles will remain an important partner in the education of our students. It is not the intent of the Emerald Campus facility to duplicate existing programming offered to our students by Tolles.

Q. Are students still going to be able to utilize Tolles?

  1. Absolutely! Tolles offers unique learning opportunities we continue to support, publicize, and connect students to.

Q. Will there be career exploration opportunities in middle school to help students decide? Concern that the new pathways at Emerald Campus would force students into certain career paths even earlier than college. Will exposure to these various paths push down to middle/elem level?

  1. We are currently looking at additional ways to provide career exploration opportunities for middle school students. The goal of the pathways offered at Emerald Campus is additional career exploration in a more experiential and in-depth way. It is not intended to pigeon-hole students, in fact, they may emerge with the understanding they do not want to pursue that path in college and save time and money. Or it could confirm that the path is exactly what they want to do and they could potentially earn college credit or a credential towards it for their future.

Q. How will students begin to navigate using the Emerald Campus?

How will we as parents know about deadlines? How will this be communicates for example for the 8th grade students? How will students know what they will be interested in?

  1. All of these details will be communicated once established via several venues including eNews, the district website, and the EC's new Twitter handle, @DCSEmerald etc.

Q. Is there research that this (the Emerald Campus) is beneficial for our kids? Where is this research? Is this just a use of space or was their community input?

  1. The former Verizon building was purchased in order to avoid building a 4th high school resulting in significant savings. A new high school would cost between $70-$95-million in construction costs alone. Fixed costs of about $3-million per year would be required to operate the school and the District does not land that could accommodate a high school. Meaning, about 70 acres would have to be purchased. There are other similar facilities in Ohio and across the United States that we have been studying along with local and state workforce research for programming.

Q. Will there be more info about if there are college credits for any of the classes at Emerald Campus?

  1. All information regarding college credit or credentials are found in the High School Course Handbook.

Q. Who is choosing the curriculum and based on what research?

  1. Curriculum requirements are set by the state. Courses that include high school and college credit are collaboratively developed to meet the requirements of both.

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