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Dear Parents and Families,  
We are having a good start to the school year in 2nd Grade!  It has been wonderful to see students working together as a team and challenging themselves to independently problem solve.  Students have been focusing on persevering while enjoying reading, word study, writing, math, and content studies!  

Our focus in reading workshop has included choosing 'just right and challenging books', responding to our reading in a variety of ways, and getting to know ourselves better as readers.  We will continue to focus on setting goals as readers, working to reach goals with various workshop choices, and responding about reading to show comprehension. Writing workshop is off to a good start, as students have become familiar with writing tools and continue to focus on pieces in progress.  Students are using their tools as writers as they work to expand narratives and other types of writing.  

We continue to focus on the mathematical practices and having quality work time during math workshop.  Students really enjoy our various math 'openers' during the beginning of workshop.  Students are familiar with tools problem solvers use, working to build their mathematical vocabulary, and have been focusing on various strategies that help them persevere when solving problems.  

We have been working with technology in different ways across subject areas.  Students have been focusing on feelings, problem solving, and responsibility as part of social studies and health.  Students are also working on continuing to build our classroom community.  We have been establishing both our school and classroom routines and expectations.  

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me by sending an email to, calling my school mailbox at (614) 760-6996, or putting a note in your child's take home folder.

I look forward to partnering with you this year and seeing your child's growth in 2nd Grade!


Emily Barth

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