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Dear Parents and Families, 

We are continuing to have a wonderful year in Second Grade. So much exciting, new learning has been happening in our classroom. It is amazing to see the growth each student has made!

Our focus in reading workshop has continued to include responding to our reading in a variety of ways and getting to know ourselves better as readers as we discover more with informational text. We have also been focusing on dialogue, questioning, inferring, and interpreting text.  We are continuing to focus on adjusting and reaching reading goals related to accuracy, fluency and expression, and comprehension through various workshop choices. During writing workshop, students are using their tools as writers as they continue to focus on pieces in progress and conference about finished work.  As a part of writing workshop, students have been working to include dialogue and descriptive language as they draft their pieces.  

We continue to focus on the mathematical practices during math workshop as students work to persevere as problem solvers who change their plans.  Students have been sharing their reasoning as to why they are using the tools they have chosen, continuing to build their mathematical vocabulary, and working to utilize various strategies that help them reach their goals.  We have been focusing on concepts related to place value, addition, skip counting, and time. We are also focusing on comparing numbers, subtraction, as well as even and odd numbers.  Students are working hard to make their thinking visible to others and show their evidence of understanding in multiple ways.

Students have done a nice job of building our classroom community and working together as a team. Each student is working to more independently problem solve in a variety of situations. I am proud of students for working hard to reach their goals and supporting each other in doing so!

Thank you for your continued involvement and support.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I look forward to continuing to share in your child's growth this year!


Emily Barth    
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