Board of Education Contact Information

About our Board of Education

  • School Board members are elected officials, serving four-year terms, who play a very important role in public education. Our five Board members are responsible for setting District policy, employing the Superintendent and Treasurer, overseeing District direction, and representing community priorities. We are fortunate in Dublin City Schools to have an active and engaged Board. The Dublin City Schools Board of Education consists of Stu Harris, Lynn May, Scott Melody, Chris Valentine, and Rick Weininger. All of our Board members are long-serving members, and their experience is a huge asset to our District.

    Our Board of Education provides proof that quality Board members do not simply attend meetings, but engage in shaping the present and future of our District. Being a school board member is truly a service position. Our Board members all have busy professional and personal lives with careers and families, but they sacrifice time and energy to serve the students of this community.

    Our Board is very active in helping our District solve problems and implement initiatives. In 2017, the Board had the foresight to purchase the Emerald Campus facility. Today, more than 1,600 students from all three of our high schools attend specialized career exploration classes in the building each day and expansion is on the horizon. The number of students moving in and out of the Emerald Campus frees up space at all three of our high schools, avoiding a costly fourth high school. 

    The current Board members have been extremely instrumental in leading the District through a period of intense enrollment growth. Over the past 10 years, the District has enrolled more than 3,000 students and another 3,000 are expected in the coming decade. Plans to handle this growth are in place, in part thanks to our Board of Education. 

    In the fall of 2018, the Board of Education asked the voters of our community to provide a large scale solution to the District’s enrollment growth. The Board asked voters to approve two new elementary schools, one new middle school, a centralized preschool, and additions at two of our high schools. The measure was overwhelmingly approved by voters and sets our District’s direction for the next decade. This overwhelmingly positive result is a reflection of our community’s faith in the Board of Education.

    In addition to working on finding solutions for our rapid enrollment growth, Board members’ duties include approving policies, contracts with employees, curriculum, budgets, and more. Board members are often on the front lines of communication with the public about these and other issues, serving as first-line key communicators with the public on a wide variety of topics.