College Credit Plus (CCP)

Ohio’s College Credit Plus can help you earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities.

Dublin City School District

College Credit Plus

General Information Sheet


College Credit Plus Program

College Credit Plus is a program that gives students an opportunity to be enrolled in both high school and college coursework at the same time. The Ohio Department of Higher Education has additional information at the following website:


Program Eligibility

=       Student must be in grades 7-12 to participate in College Credit Plus

=       Students must meet the standards for admission and course placement at the college or university

=       Students must achieve a remediation-free score on the SAT, ACT or equivalent course placement assessment

o   Students who score within one standard error of the remediation-free score may also be eligible if they:

§ Have at least a 3.0 GPA

§ Receive a recommendation letter from their principal or school counselor



=       The student and parent must submit the Letter of Intent to Participate in the College Credit Plus Form to their school counselor by April 1st of each year

Program Requirements

=       Students can enroll in:

o   Courses taught at the college or university

o   Online courses

o   College Credit Plus courses taught at Emerald Campus

o   Combination of the three above

=       Students can enroll in no more than:

o   30 college credit hours during an academic year

o   120 college credit hours total through the College Credit Plus Program

=       College Credits are converted to high school credits in the following manner:

o   5 semester credits = 1.0 high school Carnegie credit

o   4 semester credits = 1.0 high school Carnegie credit

o   3 semester credits = 1.0 high school Carnegie credit

o   2 semester credits = 0.67 high school Carnegie credit

o   1 semester credit = 0.33 high school Carnegie credit

Model Course Pathways

=       State regulations require Dublin City Schools to offer at least 2 College Credit Plus course pathways that students can take toward a specified degree or certificate

o   15 Credit Hour Pathways

§ Information Technology Academy (CSCC)

§ Aviation Technology Pathways (CSCC)

§ Social Work Pathway (CSCC and OSU)

§ Health Professions Academy (CSCC)

§ American Sign Language Certificate (CSCC)

o   30 Credit Hour Pathway

§ Early College Academy (CSCC)

=       See the 2019-20 High School Course Handbook for details of the college courses offered within each pathway

Counseling Services

=       Students and parents must participate in counseling services provided by Dublin City Schools

o   This counseling can take place through:

§ College Credit Plus Information Session in November each year

§ Student scheduling meetings with School Counselors in January each year

§ Individual consultation meetings with District Administrators

=       Counseling services will cover the following topics

o   Program Eligibility and Credit Options

o   Potential Risks and Consequences

§ Increased student responsibility due to less instructional guidance

§ Reduced opportunities to participate in high school extra-curricular activities

§ Potential loss of after-school employment opportunities

§ Possible effect on GPA and class standing

§ Possible delay of graduation

§ Increased time for travel, study, etc.

o   Potential Benefits

§ Expanded curriculum offerings

§ Opportunities to study those areas of special interest or need

§ Opportunities to earn college credits while in high school

§ Opportunities for financial support for college courses while in high school

§ Opportunities to experience college level work and life while in high school

o   College Acceptance and Scheduling

§ Students interested in participating in the College Credit Plus Program must complete ALL of the following steps:

=       Schedule a meeting with their school counselor to discuss courses of interest and how they impact graduation and potential scheduling conflicts at their home school.

o   Students interested in College Credit Plus will need to register for a full course load while registering for their classes

§ If a student withdraws within the first 2 weeks of the college course, he/ she will be re-enrolled in the high school courses originally scheduled

=       Complete the Letter of Intent to Participate in College Credit Plus (Form 2271 F1) and return to their school counselor before April 1st

=       Apply to the university in which they want to take courses.

o    The Ohio State University:

o   Columbus State Community College:

=       Submit the appropriate college and career readiness assessment scores to the university in which they want to take courses.

o   The Ohio State University:  ACT or SAT Scores

o   Columbus State Community College:  ACT, SAT or Placement Test Scores

=       Schedule a course registration meeting with the college counselor assigned to the College Credit Plus program at the university in which they have applied

=       Once registered for courses at the university, students will then schedule a meeting with their school counselor to make the appropriate schedule adjustments

o   Participating Institutions of Higher Education

§ Dublin City Schools partners with the following institutions of higher education:

=        The Ohio State University

=       Columbus State Community College

o   Financial Arrangements

§ All tuition, course fees, and cost of textbooks will be paid for by Dublin City Schools

§ Should students fail to complete a course taken for credit (formal "class drop" process, nonattendance reasons, course failure, etc.) any and all financial obligations assumed by the Board will default to the students and their parents

o   Process for Granting Academic Credits

§ College Credit Plus courses receive the equivalent weight as an AP/IB course

=       The weighted grade will be factored into the student’s GPA

§ Letter grades earned in College Credit Plus courses will be issued on the Dublin City School transcript

o   Criteria for Transportation Aid

§ All students participating in the College Credit Plus Program will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the college or university

o   Available Student Services

§ Students enrolled in the College Credit Plus Program are entitled to all student services provided by the school (counseling, health, etc.)

=       Services will be provided while the student is at the school and only upon request

§ It is the student’s responsibility to keep themselves informed of academic and other requirements for all students who attend the school

o   Consequences of Failing or Not Completing a Course

§ If a student withdraws from the college course after 2 weeks of the class, the course will appear on the transcript and carry a grade of Withdrawn/Failing

=       The grade will be computed as a failing grade on the high school transcript

=       The student and parent will assume all financial responsibility for the course

o   Effect on Completion of Graduation Requirements

§ It is the responsibility of the students and parents to be sure the college courses will meet graduation requirements

§ Students should discuss these courses and graduation requirements with their school counselor

§ No high school graduation requirements will be waived as a result of participation in the College Credit Plus Program

o   Academic and Social Responsibilities of Students and Parents

§ When attending regular classes or extra-curricular activities at the high school, students in the College Credit Plus Program are expected to abide by Board policies and the Code of Conduct

§ Students and their Parents assume all responsibility and liability related to attendance at the college or university and must agree to hold harmless the Board of Education, the administration, and the staff for any incidents arising out of participation in the College Credit Plus Program

o   Information and Encouragement to Use College Counseling Services

§ School counselors will make available any information provided by the college or university concerning its counseling services

§ Students and Parents are encouraged to utilize counseling services at the college to better ensure successful completion of the college courses

o   Grade Point Computation and Reporting of Grades

§ College Credit Plus course grades will be computed at the end of the next regular grading period at the high school following the receipt of the official transcript from the college

§ Athletic and extra-curricular eligibility will be affected by College Credit Plus grades

=       Eligibility will be checked quarterly

Transferring College Credits

=       Credits earned through College Credit Plus are transferable to many public and private institutions in Ohio and out of the state.

o   Students who want to transfer to another university will need to send their transcript from the Institution of Higher Education to the university they plan to attend.

o   Many of these courses apply toward the general education requirement or as electives at that school.

=       Two websites are available to help students fully understand what courses will transfer: or

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

=       Any student accepted into the College Credit Plus Program is considered an official college student by the institution of higher education and is subject to the federal FERPA.  

o   College records (grades, disciplinary actions, attendance reports, etc.) are not released to anyone, even parents, without written permission from the student.

o   Students can sign a Consent Form that would allow a parent to have greater access to information from the college, however, professors will not exchange emails or phone calls with parents of College Credit Plus students. 

=       For College Credit Plus, the schools and the college may exchange student information.

DCS/Office of Secondary Education/Heath/November 6, 2018

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