2019 - 2020 Cheerleading


Congrats to these young ladies on being selected as our KMS cheereleaders for the upcoming 2019 - 2020 school year. Everyone did a great job representing themselves today. Please do not forget about the Parent Meeting June 4th at 6:00pm. Uniform fittings and payments will be taking place that evening.

7th Grade Football:











7th Grade Basketball:








8th Grade Football:













8th Grade Basketball:











2019 - 2020 Cheer Tryout Packet pdf 

2019 - 2020 Cheer Tryout Packet rtf 

All incoming 7th and 8th grade girls and boys are encouraged to tryout if they have any interest in being a KMS cheerleader!

Clinics: May 20th and 21st 3:30-6:00 pm *Attendance is required to tryout*

  • Students who have orchestra will be released 15 minutes prior to their report time

Clinics Attire:

  • 7th Grade- Black shorts, Plain Green T-shirt

  • 8th Grade- Black shorts, Plain White T-shirt

Tryouts: May 22nd 3:30-6:00 pm

Place: KMS Aux. Gym

Tryout Attire: Plain white T-shirt, black shorts, tennis shoes and hair pulled back w/ a bow. NO JEWELRY!

Tryout Information

  • In order to participate in CLINICS and TRYOUTS, athletes must have an updated physical on file in the athletic office.

  • Clinics are where athletes will learn the material (dance, cheer, jumps). This will prepare them for their tryout on Wednesday. It is expected that athletes learn the material at clinics and practice at home as well to prepare for the tryout.

  • The KMS cheerleading coaches will form teams based on a standard rubric with the assistance of independent judges. These judges will have at least one of the following qualifications: from a known cheerleading organization, coached middle, high school, or collegiate level athletes, or have prior cheerleading experience.

  • The decisions of the coaches and judges are final. If there are questions concerning the procedures for tryouts please make sure to ask the coaches prior to the date of tryouts.

  • There will be stations in which athletes will be required to demonstrate a variety of skills. The scores from these stations will be combined for an overall score.

  • Cheerleading tryouts are closed. Athletes must be present for clinics AND tryouts in order to make the team.

  • Athletes making the team will need to practice and exhibit the same skills displayed at tryouts throughout the season in which they cheer. (On the track and/or basketball court).

  • All skills must be performed unaided and without a spotter.

  • Athletes may repeat a skill if they make a mistake.

  • Results will be posted on the KMS athletic website via the number they were assigned at tryouts.

    Score Sheet pdf 

    Score Sheet rtf

Who Makes the Squad?

  • The top 10-14 scoring athletes (in each grade) for football will make the squad according the the rubric and the preference sheets handed in at the second day of clinics.

  • The top 7-9 scoring athletes (in each grade) for basketball will make the squad according the the rubric and the preference sheets handed in at the second day of clinics. Athletes must be able to cheer both Tuesdays and Thursdays during basketball season.

  • NOTE: The final decision is up to the coaches on how many girls make the team. It will stay IN the range given.

    • Example:  

      • For football, the coaches can take the top 10, 11, 12, or 14 scoring athletes. It is up to the coaches discretion.

      • For basketball, the coaches can take the top 7, 8, or 9 scoring athletes. It is up to the coaches discretion



10-14 Seventh Graders

  • Games on Tuesdays

7-9 Seventh Graders

  • Must be able to cheer BOTH Tuesdays and Thursdays

10-14 Eighth Graders

  • Games on Thursdays

7-9 Eighth Graders

  • Must be able to cheer BOTH Tuesdays and Thursdays


Practices / Games / Events

  • Camp is held July 29th through August 2nd for ALL Karrer cheerleaders at Dublin Jerome High School.

  • During the year, there are one to two practices per week, and one to three games/events.

  • As of March 2019, the coaches plan on having practices Mondays from 3:15-5:30 during the fall and winter seasons.

    • 3:15-4:00 will consists of conditioning

    • 4:00-5:30 will be motions, chant work, jumps, etc.

      • This schedule may change!

      • There will be additional practices prior to the beginning of seasons.

  • There may be additional practices/games/events added as needed.

  • We may participate in community service/volunteerism activities throughout the year.

    • More information will be provided at a later date.

  • If athletes are unable to attend practice for any reason (including illness) please email the coaches to let them know.

Summer Conditioning

  • Summer conditioning will be once a week. This is not mandatory but HIGHLY HIGHLY suggested. A calendar will be released at the parent meeting

Season Information

  • Decisions of which teams/cheerleaders cheer for what games/events will be decided by the coach.

  • Fall Cheerleaders will cheer home and away football games until approximately November 1.

  • Fall Cheerleaders may also be required attend other home fall sports games/matches to support other teams.

  • KMS will provide transportation to away football games.

  • Winter Cheerleaders will cheer home boys and girls basketball games until approximately the beginning of February.

  • Winter Cheerleaders may also be required attend other home winter sports games/matches to support other teams.

  • Cheerleaders must be in the gym/on the track with 2:00 minutes left on the clock during halftime and between games (basketball season).

  • Cheerleaders must be in their chant lines ready to cheer with 1:00 minute remaining on the clock during half time and between (basketball) games.

  • Cheerleaders will not leave the chant lines without permission from the coach.


  • Participants in Co-Curricular programs are held to a higher standard of responsibility and conduct. They are representatives of their school, the Dublin City School District and the Dublin community.

  • Cheerleaders are not permitted to participate in any other major activity or sport during their season. (Example: Musical/play, ski club, any other sports, etc.) ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE REFER TO THE COACH PRIOR TO TRYOUTS.

  • By being part of the KMS cheer team, athletes are visible in the community. Athletes’ actions are more prominent than those not associated with such an activity. Because of this, exemplary behavior is mandatory at all times, anywhere in the community and at all school functions. Not only do athletes represent themselves, they represent the team, the coaches, KMS, the Dublin City School District, and cheerleaders everywhere.

  • Missing one game, for a reason other than a death in the family or personal illness, or by permission of the coach, may result in a one game suspension.

  • Cheerleaders will be expected to FULLY participate in each practice, game, and activity through the conclusion of their season. This includes wearing the correct practice wear, uniform to school, uniform to a game, having poms, hair pulled back and out of face, having rain gear, etc. Failure to do so may be cause and be the reason for the cheerleader to sit out of games, up to being dismissed from the team.

  • Being late to an event, game, practice, without prior permission from the coaches, may result in, extra conditioning, not participating in a game/event up to being dismissed from the team.

  • Cheerleaders who do not meet the coaches’ expectations for knowing and performing material may result in not participating in an event up to being dismissed from the team.

  • Cheerleaders must follow instructions from coaches, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, etc. Not doing so may result in not participating in a game/event up to being dismissed from the team.

  • Cheerleaders are asked to leave practice space, locker rooms, performance areas, etc. in the same condition (or better) than when they arrive. They are expected to pick up the area before they leave. Not doing so will result in extra conditioning.

  • Inappropriate photos or activity on social media will not be tolerated. Cheerleaders are representatives of the school at all times, and should be setting a good example both during and after school hours.

  • Cell phones are not permitted to be out at practice or games/events. If parents need their child during these times, please contact the coaches.

  • There is no chewing gum or eating during practices or games/events.

  • Promoting good sportsmanship by way of example is required at all times.

  • Athletes are expected to work as a team, respecting each other’s differences and unique abilities.


  • In order to maintain eligibility, a cheerleader must have/do the following:

    • Dublin Schools also has a 2.0 GPA requirement that must be met.

    • Perform the same skills during practices and games, as was performed at tryouts.

    • If the two points above are not attained, the athlete may be required to sit out. This includes injury related issues that prevent a cheerleader to perform, just as it would in other sport at KMS.

    • Cheerleaders must attend school in order to participate in a game/event (at least 1/2 day).  If the attendance requirement is not met, athletes may not attend the game/event.

Attendance Policy

  • Cheerleaders are not permitted to participate in any other major activity or sport during their season. (Example: Musical/play, ski club, any other sports, etc.)

  • A system of being benched will be used to deal with minor infractions throughout the year (year is defined as the moment an athlete makes the team through the following year’s tryouts).

  • Missing practice or a game for a school related function is considered excused.

    • School related means academic not other school sport related (this includes competition cheer and musical)

  • Unexcused absences = Birthday parties, concerts, dinner reservations, hair appointments, vacations (once school starts), music events not required by a class or other sporting events. Absences must be communicated with a coach one week prior to the absence. No excuse.

  • All practices and games are considered mandatory. If for some reason a cheerleader cannot make it to a practice, a coach needs to be notified AT LEAST ONE WEEK in advance through email or a written note (signed by a parent). Please try to avoid scheduling appointments during practice times.

  • Late to practice: 10 jumps for every minute late (to be done after practice).

  • 1st unexcused absence from practice: sit out of first quarter of the next game

  • 2nd and 3rd unexcused absence and from practice: sit out the ENTIRE next game

  • Missing part of uniform for event (shoes, bow, skirt etc.): not allowed to participate.

  • Social Media Infraction: Not allowed to participate at next game/event and team probation throughout remainder of the season.

  • Any cheerleader benched from a game/event or part of a game/event must sit with the coach (and no-one else) in full uniform.

  • If a cheerleader is benched on MORE THAN 3 OCCASIONS, he/she may be removed from the team.

  • Athletes need to be picked up from practices and games on time. PLEASE ensure you are aware of practice end times and you are picking your athlete up on time.

  • Severity of, or repeated offenses may dictate harsher action.

  • Athletes must also uphold the criteria in the Dublin Schools Co-Curricular Activity Code and the Dublin Schools Handbook.

  • Every attempt will be made to discipline fairly, and to make consequences of actions known ahead of time. Parents will be kept informed of problem situations.


  • Cheerleaders are required to ride the school provided bus to and from all away games. If a cheerleader needs to ride to or from a sporting event, with a parent only, they must have a written note in the athletic office 24hrs. prior to the game.  

  • If a cheerleader is injured, the coaches MUST have a note from a doctor (or school trainer) clearing them to participate in practices and games. This is a DUBLIN CITY SCHOOLS RULE.


All athletes must have the same uniform and will be required to buy the full uniform as picked by the coach. Athletes will not loan out any piece of their uniform to anyone. Uniforms are considered part of the cheer wardrobe and should not be worn by anyone other than the cheerleader or for anything other than cheer activities. Uniforms are to be kept in good condition and clean at all times. Uniforms ruined, lost, or stolen will be replaced by the individual at their own expense.

  • Wash uniforms in cold water, dry flat. DO NOT DRY CLEAN!

  • During games, cheerleaders must wear their uniform

  • Cheerleaders will wear uniforms to school on days assigned by coach

Team Meals

  • Cheerleaders will participate in team meals after school before each game as assigned by the coach.

  • Cheerleaders will clean up the tables they use during these meals (including wiping the tables and sweeping the floor).


  • Cheerleaders are encouraged to attend optional tumbling classes.

  • Karrer has secured a team tumbling class at The Cheer Combine at discounted rate throughout the year.

  • Registration information will be distributed at the beginning of each season.


*(Prices are estimates and subject to change)*

Many items can be used for several years and need not be purchased each year. We have made an attempt to keep costs down after the first year by re-using practice wear and other items.

Yearly Expenses

  • Pay-to-participate (per season): $30.00

  • Summer Camp: $110.00

  • Bow/Bows: $20.00

One Time expenses

  • NEW UNIFORMS (different from 2018/2019 are being purchased for 2019/2020) and will be used for AT LEAST two years. (Can last for 7th and 8th grade based on normal wear and tear)

  • Full uniform price: $364.90 which includes:

  • Shell

  • Skirt

  • Matching Body Liner

  • Briefs

  • Poms

  • Shoes

Optional Expenses

Optional Apparel: $200.00

Bag: $60.00 (estimate)


If athletes are selected to be a member of the team and are in financial need, please contact the coach as soon as possible in order to make arrangements.

2019 - 20 PREFERENCE SHEET rtf



Please feel free to ask questions at clinics about the options.

Name: ______________________________ Tryout Number: __________

Cell Phone #: _________________________Grade: _______________

Read and MARK the following choices below:

  • I would like to cheer JUST football _____________

  • I would like to cheer JUST basketball _____________

  • I would like to cheer BOTH football and

basketball: ____________

  • If you would like to cheer both seasons, number options in order of 1st preference and 2nd (only fill out if you selected YES for BOTH above):

_____________Fall _____________Winter

Information I want the coaches to know about my schedule, my choices, and potential conflicts including but not limited to outside commitments:


2019 - 20 CHEER CONTRACT pdf
2019 - 20 CHEER CONTRACT rtf

Cheer Contract 2019-2020

I have read and understand the rules and regulations governing the Karrer Middle School Cheer Team. I will abide by the rules and policies to the best of my ability. I understand that I may be removed from the team if I do not maintain the high standards expected of a team member. I understand that though I may wish to be on a certain team, I may not have a high enough score to be a part of that team.

Athlete Signature__________________________________Date________________

Athlete Cell #:  ________________________________________________________

Athlete School Email: _________________________________________________

I, the undersigned parent/guardian agree and hereby consent to my child's participation on Karrer Middle School Cheer Team. I have read the Karrer Middle School cheerleading rules and policies and accept these guidelines. I understand that failure to follow the cheerleading rules and policies can mean dismissal from the team.

Parent/Guardian  Signature______________________________Date______________

Parent Phone #: ____________________________________________________________

Alternate Parent Phone #: __________________________________________________

Parent Email:_______________________________________________________________

Alternate Parent Email:_____________________________________________________

*Mandatory Parent Meeting Tuesday, June 4th at 6:00pm at KMS*

Uniform fittings will be done and payments will be due

*If you wish to see the comments from your tryout that were left by the panel of judges you must contact athletic director Heath O’Neal*


Team Tumbling MONDAYS

Anyone Interested In Trying Out For Cheerleading At Karrer, Jerome, Coffman Is Welcome To Attend!

Learn Tumbling & Jump Technique

March 4 - May 20 • 5:30-6:30 • $144

Must Purchase 2019 Membership Fee to Participate ($40)

You must sign up for the entire 12 week session to receive the discounted rate!

Normal class rates apply ($25 each) if you are

not paid in full by March 4, 2019.

You may make up classes you miss if you call or email at least 3 hours prior to the start of the class to let us know you are not coming. If cancellation is not made within the allotted time, make-up classes will not be available.

Make-up classes are Mon through Thurs from 6:30 to 7:30 or 7:30 to 8:30 or Sat from 10:00-12:00. You MUST call or email to let us know that you are attending a make-up class at least 3 hours prior to the start of class or you may not be able to participate.

All make-ups must be complete before the session ends.

[email protected] • 614.389.2145• www.TheCheerCombine.com 6419 Old Avery Road, Suite B, Dublin, OH 43016

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