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Becky Tate
It is unbelievable how quickly the 2017-2018 school year has gone by.  We have had a fun year of learning literacy strategies and problem solving.  There are many ways you can support children as they are home for the summer,
It would be beneficial for them to have many opportunities to read and write and carry on the school work we've done this year.  Below are just a few ideas for summer learning.   
Please encourage your child to read and write in authentic situations at home to support the work we have done in the classroom.  


*A letter or email to a friend

*A journal about a vacation or daily events



*Sight words with sidewalk chalk, shaving cream, pudding, yogurt or anything fun



*Listen to a good book

*Discussing books using details and language from the book

*Riverside Story Hours 

*Story hour at the Columbus Metropolitan Library

*Keep some familiar books in the car your child can read by himself

*Create a video of your child reading to send to family members

We have worked hard to become independent problem solvers. Below are a few strategies that you can use to help your child when he comes to a problem when reading.

1. Look at the picture and think about what makes sense.

2. Say the first sound of the unknown word and try a word that makes sense.

3. Look for the parts you know or another word that looks similar to help you figure it out.

4. Go back and reread the sentence to get the meaning of the story in your head and make a meaningful attempt.



ST Math (The app can be downloaded onto a tablet but not a phone.)


Enjoy your summer! 


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