Attendance Procedures & Synopsis for
DSHS Parents/Guardians (2017-18)

All students are expected to be in all classes, study halls and homeroom. Attendance and promptness to class is the responsibility of each student and his/her parents or guardian. The following provides a synopsis of the attendance policies used at DSHS. These policies are in place to ensure each student derives the full benefits of his/her education at DSHS, as well as to help us keep each student safe and accounted for during the school day. Thank you for taking the time to review the procedures. Any questions, please call the attendance line at 717-2469.

Student Absence/Tardy:
When a student will be ABSENT OR TARDY, it is REQUIRED that a parent/guardian call the attendance line NO LATER than 8:30 a.m. each day of an absence or tardy. (717-2469 – Attendance line.) Leave a message with the student’s name (include the spelling), grade, reason for absence/tardy, name of the person calling, and contact # where a parent can be reached. If a call is not received, a ROBOCALL will be sent from Central Office to the emergency contact number on file notifying parents of the absence.

Returning from an Absence: When a student returns from an absence of any duration (including arriving late to school), a parent or doctor’s note is required to excuse that absence. Parent notes should include the student’s name, grade, reason for absence, and contact # where a parent can be reached. Even though a parent call is required the morning of an absence or tardy, a parent call will not excuse an absence or tardy; parent calls aid in tracking a student’s whereabouts for security purposes. AGAIN, ONLY A NOTE, NOT A PARENT CALL, WILL EXCUSE AN ABSENCE OR A TARDY. Further, once a student accumulates ten days of absence in the school year, only a doctor’s note will be accepted as written documentation of an excused absence.

Student Appointment:
If a student needs to leave school during the school day, please send in a note stating the student’s name, grade, reason for leaving, time the student is needed to leave the Attendance Office, parent name, and contact # where a parent can be reached. The student should bring that note to the Attendance Office upon arrival at school in the morning, where he/she will be given a Passport to leave class. At the parent requested time, the student will come to the Attendance Office to sign out for the appointment. It is NOT necessary for a parent to come in to Attendance to sign out the student IF a note has been turned in permitting the student to leave. If the student does NOT have a parent note (even if a parent calls in), it is MANDATORY that a parent/guardian come in to the Attendance Office to sign out the student prior to the appointment. This is a safeguard to protect your student.

Returning from an Appointment: Upon returning to school, the student must sign back in at the Attendance Office before returning to class. The parent does not need to come in with student upon return.

Extended Absences:
If a student is going to be absent from school for an extended period of time, please have the student pick up a “Pre-excused Absence Form” from the Attendance Office OR print it from our website. The student must take the form around to all of his or her teachers to notify teachers of the absence and obtain work that will be missed. To excuse the absence, the form should be returned to the Attendance Secretary in the Main Office two days PRIOR to the absence dates.

Updating Contact Information:
Please update your personal contact info and emergency contacts through the parent Dashboard. Only parents or emergency contacts will be permitted to sign students out of school. This is a safeguard to protect your student.

Attendance Definitions:

Excused absence: absences resulting from personal illness, illness in the family, quarantine of the home, death of a relative, observance of religious holidays, family emergencies, service as a precinct worker, professional appointments, or a special reason for which approval is given by an administrator or the attendance officer.

Unexcused Absences: absences by consent of the parent or with the parent’s knowledge for a reason not acceptable to the school or absences that are not followed by written documentation from the parent or doctor. Unexcused absences may receive no credit for schoolwork. Examples include: music lessons, hair appointments, oversleeping.

Truancy: a deliberate, unauthorized absence from school.

Tardy: Being no more than 90-minutes late to school. Being late to school more than 90 minutes will be recorded as a half-day absence.

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