8th grade Newsletter: April 18, 2019

KMS 8th Grade At-A-Glance


8th grade awards @ 1:00pm May 23

8th grade event @ 7:00pm May 23

8th grade Event

Ticket Order forms will be sent home with your student next week for the 8th grade event. A signup for parents to volunteer to help with the event and donate items will be sent out next week as well.


Algebra 1

Mrs. O’Neal: Students worked hard on the State Assessments this week!  We will continue with quadratics next week

Mr. Young: We are going to get back into quadratics and discovering new ways to solve for the zeros.


Mr. Pulsinelli -  Students will complete their exploration of probability and will begin to study volume and surface area of three dimensional prisms.  

Cog Ed

Mrs. Jones -  Impact groups have been formed and students are brainstorming how best to advocate for their self selected causes.

Health 8

Mrs. Cockrell - The 8th graders will continue to work through our human growth and development unit. We will wrap up healthy vs unhealthy relationships, ways to prevent date rape, dating violence and sexual harassment early next week. We will then move into reproductive systems and sexually transmitted infections. Have a fantastic week!  

Mr. Huesman - In 8th grade Health this week, we will culminate Chapter 9 on Anatomy and Physiology and take our Open-Note Test.  We will finish the week talking about opioids, fentanyl, and vaping. Have a great week!

Language Arts

Mrs. Jerger, Mrs. Kurtz, Mrs. Taylor:  Students will begin Historical Fiction Unit with their book groups. Students will be collaborating with peers, researching nonfiction components of their books and reading a variety of paired texts to better understand how events of our past influence society today. At home, please encourage your child to stay on top of the reading schedule they have set with their book groups.

Mrs. Kurtz will be on maternity leave starting 4/22. We are excited to welcome our long-term, district substitute Ms. McGory through the remainder of the year. Please contact Mrs. Kurtz if you have any questions prior to her leave.

Math 8

Mrs. O’Neal: Students did a great job with the AIR test this week.  We will focus on Building a Zoo next week

Mr. Pulsinelli: Students will use their geometry skills to "Build a Zoo!"  

Physical Science

Mrs. Chandler: Students will be investigating factors that affect the density of substances.

Science 8

Mrs. Chandler:  Students will be investigating various mass extinctions that occured in geologic history.

Mrs. Heath:  Students will be studying constructive and destructive forces. They will do this by looking at the landscape of a fictitious town, Boomtown, and making recommendations on where Boomtown should build a housing development.    

Social Studies

Mrs. Albert & Mrs. Wilch: Students will analyze quotations and examine images to discover how African Americans faced slavery and discrimination in the mid-1800s.  In addition, students will begin to explore the growing conflict between the North and the South to understand why the nation could not prevent the Civil War.


Mrs. Buss: Students will practice in groups for the CH 6 speaking assessment- En el restaurante. Students will also continue reading Pobre Ana.


Mrs. Williams:

Students will continue work on the robot tasks.  Course Post Assessment will be on May 13 during class.  Review information was posted in the classroom and on Schoology on April 4th.  Automation & Robotics Post Assessment will be on May 22 during class. Review information was posted in the classroom and on Schoology on April 22nd.

Tech Solutions

Mrs. Williams: Students will share their houses and begin work in their last unit, Coding.  Students will be using Code.org to learn how to create their own website using HTML and CSS code.

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