8th grade Newsletter: August 16, 2019

KMS 8th Grade At-A-Glance


DC TRIP October 22-25, 2019

Forms due by September 6th to Mr. Anglea or Mrs. Wilch

Final Paymets are due by September 27 to the tour company

Washington DC Trip Information


Art (full year & trimester)

Mrs. Brown & Mr. Schafer: Art Students are off to a fantastic start in 8th grade.  At times, students will be creating projects using messy materials.  If your student could bring an old shirt to wear over their clothes every once in a while, that would be most helpful!  They will store these shirts in their art bins. If your student is not currently in art, this will still be necessary when they do come to art later in the school year.  We will send out a reminder each trimester. Thank you!

Algebra 1

Mr. Young: We will be solving two-step equations and proportions; writing and interpreting equations. Students will be able to distinguish between associative and distributive properties.


Mr. Pulsinelli -  Students will be investigating the foundations of geometry and transformations.  

Cog Ed

Mrs. Jones -  Students are getting acquainted and will be participating in an innovation challenge creating thematic escape rooms developing collaboration, research, critical thinking  and creative production skills. 


Madame McLaughlin: Students will be immersed in French learning about their classmates likes and dislikes, greetings and weather terms.  They will begin to read short stories in French. 

Health 8

Mrs. Cockrell - Students will start our mental health unit focusing on building and maintaining a positive self-esteem, body image and making healthy decisions. Have a great week!

Mr. Huesman - Welcome back!  In 8th grade Health this week, we will begin Chapter 1 Notes over the basics of Health and Wellness.  Please make sure your laptop is charged and you know your new password! 

Language Arts

Mrs. Jerger, Mrs. Kurtz, Mrs. Taylor:  Eighth-grade language arts teachers are excited to get to know students as readers and writers. Students will need an independent reading book of their choice in class every day and we will continue to build this habit into our class time in addition to establishing reading goals. Encourage your child to read at home at least 20 minutes per night or 3 hours per week. Your student also needs pencils, post-it notes, a charged chrome book and the 2006 version of Night book by Elie Wiesel to be successful in class.  More information and teacher introductions will be given at Open House next Thursday, 22nd.  


Math 8

Mrs. Keating: Students will establish norms, receive their textbooks and log on to their online math program. MAP testing soon!

Mr. Pulsinelli: Students will be exploring transformations of geometric objects.  

Physical Science

Mrs. Chandler: Students will be finishing their first lab of the year, "Making Measurements in Physics," and setting up their Physical Science Google Site (their very own website that curates all of their learning artifacts from the year).

Science 8

Mrs. Heath & Mr. Levine:  Welcome to 8th grade science.  Next week we continue our exploration of Forces.  Due dates and assignments will be available on schoology.  For additional support students may access information on the 8th grade google site found here 8th Grade Science  Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.

Social Studies

Mrs. Albert, Mrs. Heath, Mr. O’Neal, & Mrs. Wilch: Welcome to 8th grade social studies!  We have started off the year with many team-building challenges and have been enjoying getting to know your children.  Next week we will begin studying European exploration and settlement. We are looking forward to a successful year!



Mrs. Buss: Spanish students will continue exploring the language, using cognates and common classroom expressions. Students will also learn the colors and begin using the Spanish alphabet in order to begin pronouncing words/spelling words.


Mrs. Williams: 

Students will continue work on the robot tasks.  Students must complete through Task 7 by the end of class on May 17.  Course Post Assessment will be on May 13 during class. Review information was posted in the classroom and on Schoology on April 4th.  Automation & Robotics Post Assessment will be on May 21 during class. Review information was posted in the classroom and on Schoology on April 22nd.

Tech Solutions

Mrs. Williams: Students will continue work in their first unit, Graphic Design.  Students will be using Photoshop Elements to complete four different projects.  The first project, Color Replacement is due Tuesday August 20. The second, Clipping Mask, is due Friday August 23.

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