8th grade Newsletter: December 15, 2017


Winter break is Thursday December 21 - Tuesday January 2. If you are leaving early or returning late, please complete a prearranged absence form and get it signed & turned in by December 15.

Students taking high school courses please be aware of the following exam schedule:

HS class 1st period - Friday, 12/15 from 7:55-9:50am
Physical Science - Thurs/Fri (12/14 & 12/15) during class
Geometry/Algebra - Mon/Tues (12/18 & 12/19) during class
Spanish - Fri/Mon (12/15 & 12/18) during class

Remember students who attend high school first period will not be going to the high school on Monday, Dec. 18- Wednesday, Dec. 20 but will report to KMS at the normal start time of our middle school day. There will be two options for these students on theses days:

Students report to KMS at the beginning of the day, by 8:28 AM and go to study center in the commons or

If students have parent transportation, they may report to KMS just prior to 2nd period, by 9:15 AM, check in with their HS home base teacher in the commons, and then start their regular middle school day with the beginning of second period.


Karrer will be hosting, Andrew Schneider, former Karrer student, who is an author and paralympic hopeful on Wednesday December 20. See the link below for more information.



Algebra 1

Mr. Young: Students will taking their mid-term exam on December 18 & 19. After break students will be learning about Rational Exponents and Radicals.

Art 8

Mrs. Brown & Mr. Schafer: 8th grade art classes are preparing for the snow with winter-themed projects. Mrs. Brown's class is learning how to paint a snowy nighttime scene full of reflections and shadows from the moonlight.

Cog Ed

Mrs. Disilvestro (Mr. Bucci): Students will be will be finishing their invention project.


Mr. Pulsinelli - Students will explore special segments in triangles.

Health 8

Mrs. Cockrell - Students will wrap up our mental health unit learning about bullying behaviors and brainstorming ways to prevent bullying, as well as presenting our mental health disorders group presentations. Have a wonderful winter break!!

Mr. Huesman - Before break students will finish up Chapter 9 on Reproduction and will take our Open Note Test on Tuesday. After break students will view "That Sugar Film" and complete an activity on it. Happy Holidays!

Language Arts

Mrs. Jerger, Mrs. Kurtz, Mrs. Wolf: Students will be finishing their second draft of their narratives. They will have the opportunity to revise and share stories with peers. After Winter Break, students will participate in a small reading group to analyze one of three short stories.

Mrs. Eddington: 8th Grade ELL language arts: Students continue to read Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko. As we read, we are learning new vocabulary, working on our writing skills and learning a little history.

Math 8

Mrs. Keating: Students will explore SLOPE in graphs, tables, and equations.

Mrs. O’Neal: Students are continuing to look at slope and slope-intercept.

Mr. Pulsinelli: Students will begin to investigate Systems of Equations.

Mr. Young: Students will be presenting on “My Dream Road Trip” Project. After break students will be reviewing slope intercept form and begin systems of linear equations.

Science 8

Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Heath: Students are beginning to explore how Earth's tectonic plates interact in order to create so many of the cool features & events we observe on Earth's surface - from mountains and hot springs to geysers, volcanoes and earthquakes! After winter break, we will begin to directly observe (using Google Earth) some of the most geologically active locations around the world!

Mrs. Chandler: Students will be doing an especially “sweet” plate tectonics lab to learn about the different types of plate motion occurring on the Earth. After break, students will continue their study of plate tectonics by going on a Google Tour of the Earth to explore where on Earth plate motion occurs and the landforms that are created at these location.

Physical Science

Mrs. Chandler: Students will be wrapping up their study of chemistry by analyzing the HUGE periodic table they created and making crystal snowflake ornaments. After break, students will be learning about the Electromagnetic Spectrum and how it relates to nuclear physics.

Social Studies

Mrs. Albert, Mrs. Heath, and Mrs. Wilch: Students will be finishing the Constitutional Convention Unit and reviewing the founding principles of the United States. After winter break, students will be taking the preliminary Geography Bee on Wednesday, January 3rd. The remainder of the week students will begin exploring the Constitution and participate in a Constitution Scavenger Hunt.


Mrs. Buss: Students will complete the writing portion of the semester exam on Monday AND finish the speaking portion on Tuesday. Students will also complete the 2nd quarter extra credit opportunity on Tuesday in class. When we return in January, we will discuss the culture and various cities in Spain before beginning Capítulo 4. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Mrs. Reilly: We will be continuing our semester exam with the reading portion on Monday. We will start the speaking portion on Monday and finish it on Tuesday. When we return in January, we will review -AR verb conjugation and some additional culture about México, then start unit 4!


Mrs. Williams: Students will continue work in our first unit, Design & Modeling. Students will continue work on their final Design and Modeling project, the Playground Design Problem, that will be due on January 11. Projects will be presented on January 12. Have a great holiday break and we will see you January 3, 2018!

Tech Solutions

Mrs. Williams: Students will continue work in their Computer Science Unit. They will be working on their website and after break learning about CSS to enhance their HTML coding. Have a great holiday break and we will see you January 3, 2018!

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