7th grade Newsletter: August 19, 2019


August Precept:  

Kinder than is necessary – R.J. Palacio, author, Wonder




Mrs. Brown & Mr. Schafer – Art Students are off to a fantastic start in 7th grade.  At times, students will be creating projects using messy materials.  If your student could bring an old shirt to wear over their clothes every once in a while, that would be most helpful!  They will store these shirts in their art bins. If your student is not currently in art, this will still be necessary when they do come to art later in the school year.  We will send out a reminder each trimester. Thank you!


Mrs. Cockrell – The 7th graders will start our mental health unit this week. We will focus on building self-esteem through mindfulness, goal setting and communication skills. Have a great week! 

Mr. Huesman – Welcome back, in 7th grade Health this week we will begin Chapter 1 on defining Health and Wellness.  Please make sure your Chromebook is charged and you can access them!



Mrs. Ames & Mrs. Kinzig – This week we will continue to learn classroom routines and work on building a classroom community of readers and writers.  Each student must have an IRB (independent reading book) in class each day. The "Paper Bag Biography" assignment is due in class on Tuesday!  We are excited to get this year started!

Mrs. Eddington’s EL Language Arts - We are together with Ms. Kinney. We are learning routines and learning about each other. 

Mr. Keefer It has been a great first week with your children. I am looking forward to a great year. Next week in reading we will be working on building reading stamina with choice books. In writing we will be doing some quick writes and building ideas for our first narrative project.

Mrs. Kinney – Welcome back!  The school year is off to a terrific start and we have many memories to make together! Next week we will dig into Word Study and Parts of Speech.  There will be a quiz over our first short story, "Miss Awful.” We will also be writing individual poems called "Where I'm From."

Mrs. Taylor – It was a pleasure welcoming your students to 7th grade LA this week! We spent time in reading workshop establishing independent reading habits and expectations (including reading at least three hours outside of class time, weekly). In writing workshop, we started and will continue next week generating ideas for writing and working on strategies for elaborating effectively on ideas.  Students will participate in summer reading discussions Wednesday or Thursday, and will do an in-class writing assignment next Friday.



Miss Axelrod, Mrs. Hudson, & Mrs. Keir’s Math 7 – Students will begin our first module called Thinking Proportionally and Topic 1 is Circles and Ratios. We will also be working on a scale factor activity.  

Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Keating, & Mrs. Keir’s Math 7/8 – Students will begin our first module called Thinking Proportionally and Topic 1 is Circles and Ratios. We will also be working on a scale factor activity. 

Mr. Young’s Algebra 1 – We will be solving two-step equations and proportions; writing and interpreting equations. Students will be able to distinguish between associative and distributive properties.  


Mrs. Beekman, Mr. Cline, & Miss Hayes  – Welcome to Science!  We will be investigating waves with many hands-on activities.  Students will be using slinkies, ropes, and tuning forks to learn about waves.  Ask your students what they learned in science this week.


Mrs. Albert, Mr. Anglea, Mrs. Kinzig, & Mrs. Wilch – Welcome to Grade 7 Social Studies! This year students will be learning about ancient civilizations and how those civilizations have an impact on us today. We will begin with the study of themes in history.


  • Thursday, August 22  -  7th Grade Open House in the evening

  • Thursday, August 29 - Bus Evacuation Drills - for bus riders

  • Monday, September 2 - Labor Day - No School

  • Monday, September 9 - KMS PTO Meeting @ 7 PM in the KMS Library


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