6th grade Newsletter: November 16, 2018




Science (Bishop, Hayes, and Miller) We will begin our study of cells. Students should be preparing for the 3 cell quizzes (labeling a plant cell, labeling an animal cell and cell vocabulary) by using the quizlets posted in Schoology.

Social Studies (Bowers, O'Neal, Ziraldo) Next week we will take a look at food consumption around the world. Following the break, we will explore other consumption patterns.

Language Arts (Dennison, Hayes, and Magistrale) Students will begin the Narrative Writing Unit.  This unit will last for several weeks as we break down the piece into smaller manageable sections.  Students will also continue to read from their free choice books while focusing on the elements of literature with the tracker.  Happy reading!

Language Arts (Dramble and Hamilton) Next week, we will continue our study of plot. After Thanksgiving break, we will begin exploring the memoir genre. We will begin our class read aloud of the memoir Marshfield Dreams, and students will begin analysis of various memoirs to learn more about the craft of memoir-writing. Have a wonderful break!

EL Language Arts (Eddington) We continue to work on multiple learning websites throughout our week. We use Epic!, Freckle, Mango Languages, Read Theory, and Typing Club. Ask your child about them over the Thanksgiving break. When we return from break, we will be beginning a unit on narrative writing.

Math 6 (Beery and Levine) We will continue to work with rational numbers on a number line and on a coordinate plane.

Math 7(Hudson) Students will finish up probability next week.  We will begin adding and subtracting rational numbers when we return from break.

Math 7/8 (Voytko) We will have an assessment over percents and applications of percents on Tuesday 11/20. All the students were told about this test on 11/13. If you are not here, please make arrangements with the teacher. After Thanksgiving we will review all we have worked on this year so far and then begin our Geometry Unit.

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