6th grade Newsletter: January 18, 2019

Please ask your child if they need to replenish any of their school supplies. We have many students who are coming to class without paper or pencils. As well, many students are not bringing earbuds/headphones to class. This was on the school supply list and are used frequently.  Thank you for your help.


6th grade Sports Camps:

Information and Registration Link

Finally!  The time has arrived for you to compete and play for Karrer Middle School!  We are excited to welcome you to KMS Athletics and look forward to working with you and helping you further your athletic goals.  Playing sports for KMS is a privilege. We expect you to represent the very best of what KMS Student-Athletes are at all times. KMS Athletes work hard, stay humble, and are leaders of our school.  To help you get started as a new athlete we offer 6th Grade Spring Sports Camps at KMS each year.

Spring Sports Camps are designed to expose you to the skills needed for each sport, to develop new friendships, and to show you all our athletic programs for the coming 2019 – 2020 school year. We welcome every 6th grader to give every sport a try. Last year nearly 200 6th graders participated in our camps!

Please return the registration form by January 28th.  If there is an overlap in camps do not worry!! We can split the time so you can attend both!

Attending or not attending a Spring Sports Camp has no bearing on whether or not you will make a team or determine the amount of playing time you receive during a season.


Science (Bishop, Hayes, and Miller) We continue with our study of matter. Students should be prepared to take the matter vocabulary quiz (quizlet posted on Schoology) on Wednesday.


Social Studies (Bowers, O'Neal, and Ziraldo)  We will continue our unit on Ancient China with the topic of the Silk Road and the resulting cultural diffusion.  

Math 6 (Beery and Levine) Students are working on solving equations and a Quick Check is scheduled for the end on the week.

Math 7 (Hudson)  Students will finish up with simplifying expressions and they will test on Thursday, January 24.

Math 7/8 (Voytko) We will continue working with transformations with a focus on rotations.  I have planned for a test on Friday 1/25 over transformations (translations, reflections, dilations, and rotations).  

Language Arts (Dennison, Hayes, and Magistrale) Students will begin the class read of Inside Out and Back Again.  We will begin with some pre-reading activities before students start to annotate with the Notice & Note comprehension strategy.  Happy reading!

Language Arts (Dramble and Hamilton) Next week we will continue our study of pronouns as well as theme, and we will also work on taking odes through the final writing process. If you have not yet sent in a personal copy of Inside Out & Back Again for your child, please do by the end of the week. Thank you! :)

EL Language Arts (Eddington) We are continuing to read Stone Fox as a class to discuss characters, story structures and more. Word study also continues with Ms. Wolf and we will be doing some reading assessment as well.

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