6th grade Newsletter: October 18, 2018


Science (Bishop, Hayes, and Miller) We continue our study of rocks. We will have our end of unit assessment on Tuesday, October 30th. Students should be using the quizlet posted in schoology to prepare.

Social Studies (Bowers, O'Neal, and Ziraldo)  We will begin looking at our first ancient civilization as we visit Mesopotamia.  

Math 6 (Beery and Levine) We are wrapping up our unit on decimals with an assessment on Wednesday, 10/24. It will include all operations involving decimals.  Our next topic is Integers.

Math 7 (Hudson) Students will continue working on Real World Percentage project all week in class.  Students may take it home on Wednesday or Thursday depending if the student is behind in their work.  The project is due on Friday, October 26, at the end of class.

Math 7/8 (Voytko) We will continue diving into Algebraic Properties with solving equations and applying our knowledge of equivalent expressions to solve equations.

Language Arts (Dennison, Hayes, and Magistrale) Students will wrap up the mystery unit by exploring a few true mysteries from history.  A new Root Unit #3 will be explored with a quiz on Friday. Happy reading!

Language Arts (Dramble and Hamilton) Next week we will continue to analyze mood and tone. We will also begin working more closely with the different types of context clues.

EL Language Arts (Eddington) We are beginning a new schedule and we are going to make a great effort to read and write every day.

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