6th grade Newsletter: April 18, 2019


Science (Bishop, Hayes, and Miller) We continue with our study of potential and kinetic energy.

Social Studies (Bowers, O'Neal, and Ziraldo) There will be a quiz over the geography and ancient civilizations of India on Tuesday. Then we will focus on modern day India.

Math 6 (Beery and Levine) Students will analyze 3-D shapes and find surface area of prisms and pyramids.

Math 7 (Hudson) Students will continue with their Sand Castle project by finding the volume and surface area of each shape.

Math 7/8 (Voytko) We will have an assessment over Systems of Equations and ways to solve (graphing, substitution, and elimination) on Wednesday 4/24. We will then be moving onto our final unit: Probability and Statistics.

Language Arts (Dennison, Hayes, and Magistrale) Students will wrap up the informational writing unit by producing a final copy on the disaster article.  Students will then begin a small poetry unit with a focus on figurative language. Happy reading!

Language Arts (Dramble and Hamilton) Next week, we will continue our work with idioms and begin drafting disaster feature articles. There is a spelling test on Thursday, 4/25.

EL Language Arts (Eddington) We are forging our way to the end of Stone Fox and we are deep into our research projects. We are researching a disaster and creating a newspaper article to present our information.

Important Fall Athletic Information

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

KMS Athletics is starting to plan for the upcoming 2019 fall sports seasons at Karrer Middle School and we wanted to pass along some helpful information to you as you begin to transition as a 6th grade parent to a 7th grade parent with a student eligible to play sports in the fall for Karrer Middle School.

All Karrer middle sports will officially begin on August 1st. Some of our fall teams will have mandatory tryouts starting on August 1st. It is a requirement that 2019 7th graders wanting to play a sport for KMS in the fall of 2019 be present for the start of sports at KMS on August 1st. Please keep this in mind as you make travel plans for the summer. Also visit our KMS Athletics website for complete information concerning physicals, concussion forms and the Final Forms registration process. Here are the sports we offer in the fall for 7th grade participation.

  • Cheerleading

  • Girls Tennis

  • Girls Volleyball

  • Football

  • Boys Golf

  • Girls Golf

  • Boys Cross Country

  • Girls Cross Country

Heath O'Neal, RAA

Athletic Director / Teacher

Dublin Karrer Middle School

Phone:   (614) 718 - 8520


Twitter: @KMSAthletics

6th grade Sports Camps

Information and Registration Link



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