Abraham Depp/Hopewell Elementary Schools to open in the fall of 2020

K-8 Redistricting Fall 2019

This fall, a K-8 redistricting committee will begin the process of redrawing elementary and middle school attendance boundary maps. Originally we had planned to undertake middle school redistricting next fall, but after listening to feedback from the community they would like it all done at one time, so that is exactly what we will do this fall. This redistricting will impact all of our existing elementary and middle schools in order to fully benefit from the additional space provided by the new schools approved by our community last November. We anticipate Hopewell Elementary on Bright Road will open near capacity because its location in the District is largely built out in this area. In Jerome Village, we will want to leave some capacity for additional growth as that development continues to be under construction and additional homes are expected. The elementary buildings will look very similar externally and internally with a student capacity of about 720 students.

The redistricting process will be transparent and involve input from our community. We understand this can be an emotional topic. We have found our students are resilient and adjust quickly to a new school. Significant care will be given to ensure school transitions are as smooth as they can possibly be and that our schools will offer transition information and activities to assist in this process.

The redistricting process will begin this fall and wrap up by winter break in order to provide families with adequate adjustment time. All of our students who attend our fantastic elementary and middle schools will continue to do so at the end of this redistricting process. Below are some frequently asked questions and we will add to these as we move through the process.

General Redistricting Questions
Q. What is redistricting?
Redistricting is a term that means changing school attendance boundaries. 
Q. Who makes the redistricting decisions?
By Ohio law, the Superintendent of schools assigns students to their buildings. We will be taking community input during the process.
Q. What is the redistricting process and when does it start?
The redistricting process will start this fall and will be transparent and shared with our community as we move forward. There are NO attendance boundary changes for the 2019-20 school year. Redistricting for the fall of 2020 for elementary and the fall of 2021 for middle school, will be completed by winter break, providing families plenty of time to adjust to new attendance boundaries. A series of public meetings will take place beginning in September where community members will have the opportunity to provide feedback. Additional public meetings are scheduled for October.
Q. What type of criteria are used when redistricting?
A. During September,members of the Central Office team have been meeting with all K-8 PTO and Key Communicator organizations to get their feedback on initial criteria developed by the steering committee. Three main criteria have emerged and they are listed below.
  1. Neighborhood schools/transportation 
    It is very clear geographic proximity to your school of attendance is a high priority. How much time students spend on their bus and the desire to keep neighborhoods, and cohorts of students together whenever possible, is important to our families. 
  2. Efficient use of space
    The group have also been clear this K-8 redistricting needs to provide relief to overcrowded buildings, as well as assigning students to our new schools. The group felt the District needs to leave space for growth wherever possible during this process. Our schools are overcrowded and we need to provide enrollment growth relief to our existing schools, while also opening Abraham Depp and Hopewell Elementary schools in a manner that allows for future growth. A recent build out study conducted by the District indicates we will continue growing until about 2036.
  3. Consider families
    This concept revolves around making transitions as smooth as possible. The committee would like the District to look at allowing 5th and 8th graders to remain at their current schools next school year as well as their siblings. Robust transition plans for students moving to new schools are also important to the community. Additionally, keeping in mind how school populations "split" when transitioning to the next level has been repeatedly identified.
Q. Why is redistricting necessary?
Two elementary schools open in 2020 and a fifth middle school opens in 2021. Thanks to the support of Issue 5 by our community, these schools will help us address overcrowded conditions at our K-8 schools. This redistricting is not just about populating our upcoming new schools. It will allow us to reset all of our K-8 buildings to more optimal enrollment numbers. The District has added more than 3,000 students since Glacier Ridge opened in 2006, the District’s last new school.

Q. What type of redistricting will take place in 2019?
This redistricting is a K-8 redistricting in order to prepare for the opening of Hopewell and Abraham Depp Elementary in 2020 and middle school five in 2021. ALL elementary and middle schools will be touched by this redistricting.

Q. Are the high schools involved in this redistricting?
No this is a K-8 redistricting. High school redistricting will be necessary three to five years from now.
Q. If my assigned middle school changes during this redistricting process, does it change my high school?
No, this is a K-8 redistricting. Your street address determines what schools you attend, not "feeder patterns."

Q. When will new attendance maps go into effect?
For elementary, when Hopewell and Abraham Depp open in the fall of 2020. For middle school, the fall of 2021 when middle school five opens.
Q. How long will this redistricting last?
The answer is dependent upon the where future enrollment growth occurs and how quickly that growth occurs. Our goal is for this K-8 redistricting to last five years. Because the District is expected to grow until 2036, it is difficult to provide specific time frames regarding how long a redistricting will last. You can view the District's build-out study at this link.

Q. Will fifth and 8th graders be allowed finish their final year at their current schools? What about their siblings?
The answer to this question will be determined during the redistricting process this fall. Historically, the District has permitted this to be the case when redistricting has been necessary.

Q. Are there any draft maps or anything the District can share about my neighborhood at this time?
There are no draft maps or any other information pertaining to specific neighborhoods, streets, addresses at this time, as this work and this process has just begun. Public meetings are set for October and the schedule is posted to the right.
Q. How are the new schools staffed?
A. The District's Human Resources has a staffing plan in place for the new schools. Additional staff will need to be hired, but the new schools will be staffed with a combination of veteran and new staff.
Q. How are attendance maps drawn?
A. The District uses sophisticated software called Guide K12 in this process. This software gives us the ability to know how many students are in a given neighborhood down to a specifid street. The software is loaded with our student demographics, grade levels, and more.

Q. Where can I direct redistricting comments and questions?
Questions and comments can be directed to info@dublinschools.net.
Enrollment growth related questions
Q. What can Dublin City Schools do to control residential growth?
When it comes to housing developments and overall community growth, Dublin City Schools has no zoning authority or the ability to assess developers impact fees for bringing more students and the associated costs to our District. We work closely with developers and the City of Dublin when we are made aware of new housing projects, but ultimately, Dublin City Schools cannot control student enrollment growth. Our mission is to educate all the students who live within our boundaries.
Q. I understand the Jerome Village developers have donated the land for the new schools in Jerome Village. Have other developers contributed to the education costs?
The District was able to purchase 39 acres in Jerome Village for future schools for $1. Ohio law does not allow for impact fees. In other states, developers can be charged impact fees when the size of a development mandates a new school or schools. Impact fees do not exist in Ohio.

Q. How many students does each type of home produce in our District?
Single family homes produce approximately 0.5 students per home while multi-family homes (apartments, condos) produce approximately 0.25 students per unit. These are averages and vary by subdivision and housing type.
Q. Where is most of the enrollment growth taking place in our District?
Growth is District-wide. While the majority of new construction is the northwest quadrant of the District, other neighborhoods are "graying then flipping." As empty nesters move out of existing homes, families with younger children often move in, causing enrollment growth in well-established neighborhoods.
Q. When will District growth taper off?
The District is projected to keep growing until about 2036. You can view our most recent build-out study at this link.
New schools under construction questions
Q. Where are the new elementary schools located?
 Abraham Depp Elementary is located in Jerome Village and Hopewell Elementary is located off of Bright Road and Emerald Parkway.
Q. Have the elementary principals been selected?
Q. Where is Middle School Five going to be located?
Next to where Abraham Depp Elementary is currently being constructed in the Jerome Village subdivision in the northwest corner of our District. Ravenhill Parkway is the road on the South border of the property.
Q. When will construction begin on Middle School Five?
We expect to break ground on middle school five in the spring of 2020. 

Public Meeting Schedule

Oct. 7, 6:30 p.m. - Coffman PAC (Theater)
Oct. 8, 6:30 p.m. - Jerome CPA (Theater)
Oct. 10, 6:30 p.m. - Scioto PAC (Theater)


With any questions, send an email to info@dublinschools.net.

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