2008 Hall of Fame Inductees

Charles “Chi” Weber, class of 1941
Clayton W. Rose, class of 1945
Richard Davis Gordin, class of 1946
Jack W. Frambes, class of 1950
Richard D. Termeer, class of 1951
Suzie Bishop Feasel, retired staff member, class of 1966
Kent Mercker, class of 1986
Julie McCloy Mercker, class of 1989
Dr. Jeff Keller, retired staff member, 1972-2005
Dr. Greg Brooks,* athletic team doctor, 1982-2000
Samuel Frantz,* former school board president
Willard Grizzell,* former Superintendent *posthumous

In addition, seven Dublin Schools graduates who gave their lives for our country in the line of duty were also inducted.

Military Honorees:
Elmer Smiley, U.S. Army Air Corp, class of 1935
Joseph R. Smith, U.S. Army Air Corp, class of 1936
Lawrence Edward Strayer, U.S. Army, class of 1962
Norman Wesley Tarpley, U.S. Army, class of 1963
James Carr, U.S. Army, class of 1964
Michael Fields Abrams Covert, U.S. Army, class of 1967
Wesley G. Davids, USMC, class of 2003
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