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April 21, 2017
SOME of the academic content standards we focused on this week:
Reading: Read sight words; read emergent reader text with purpose and understanding; identify cover, title page, author, illustrator for nonfiction; change phoneme in one syllable words to make new words; isolate CVC sounds; apply short vowel sounds; engage in group reading with purpose and understanding; apply letter sounds to decode words.
Writing:  Print upper/lowercase letters; spell phonetically; use spacing and a return sweep; use punctuation; with  support, recall information from sources to answer questions/show evidence of research; spell high frequency words correctly.
Math:  Look for mathematical patterns; write numbers to 20; compose combinations for numbers 11-19 using base 10; use a variety of strategies for addition and subtraction.
Science; Health; Social Sciences:  Observe living things are different from nonliving things; understand living things respond to stimuli, grow, require energy, reproduce, need food/water.
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