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October 19, 2017

SOME of the academic content standards we focused on this week:
Reading:  Decode two syllable words following basic patterns; know every syllable has a vowel; read irregularly spelled words; use illustrations/details to describe characters, setting, events; describe connections between individuals, events, ideas; ask questions to clarify; describe people, places, things, with detail; add visuals to descriptions to clarify ideas/thoughts/feelings.
Writing: Write narratives to recount two or more sequenced events including details; use temporal words to signal event order and ending; respond to peer suggestions to strengthen writing; write declarative sentences.
Math: Count and read/write to 100 starting at any number; use addition and subtraction within 0-10 to solve problems with unknowns; demonstrate addition fluency within 10; understand subtraction as unknown addend problem; understand digits as tens and ones; determine if equations are true or false; identify pennies and the value; add within 100 using manipulatives; compare two digit numbers using greater than, less than, equal to; understand digits as tens and ones.
Science; Health; Social Sciences:  Know,use and interpret scientific explanations of the natural world; Generate and evaluate scientific evidence and explanations; understand the nature and development of scientific knowledge; participate productively in scientific practices and discourse.
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