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Thomas Elementary
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Greetings, Thomas Families!
Happy February! Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow? Are we going to have six more weeks of winter? Or will Buckeye Chuck predict spring’s early arrival? These are some of the many questions February brings. I hope you hear numerous questions like these from your children, as we urge our critical thinkers to ask questions. Staff is also encouraging students to collaborate with others, create and innovate, persevere, think flexibly, and communicate with confidence. These are the six critical thinking practices we emphasize to support math, literacy, and content area lessons daily.

In the process of fostering these practices, which support deeper learning and strengthen problem-solving, we strive to make our learning visible. We want our culture of enrichment to be seen and heard by our parents and community.

Teachers are designing additional ways to communicate classroom learning to families beyond the typical weekly newsletter and website postings. Teachers have been asked to capture the learning process through pictures and samples of work in progress. As we utilize the language of critical thinking skills with greater intention and frequency, we do notice children identifying examples of themselves and their classmates demonstrating practices such as perseverance through difficult problems and flexible thinking when seeking a solution.

This journey through intentional messaging and purposeful planning of critical thinking within each lesson is similar to our Leader in Me journey, as we utilized the common language of the 7 Habits and identified ways we incorporated the Habits in our life. After a year of consistent implementation, we have heard a difference and have seen its transfer into the actions of children. We are certain this will be the case with our critical thinking practices.

Families, we encourage you to listen for the language of the six critical thinking practices as your child returns home from school with news of the day. You may even ask, “What critical thinking practices did you use today?” and “What did that look like?”

Making our culture of enrichment visible to the community may be seen in the form of class weekly newsletters, the sharing of Leadership Binders, Thomas monthly messages, tweets, daily picture posts on the Thomas website, Instagram, and/or Facebook page. We continue to challenge ourselves to capture and share this information more often. New each week we will feature a staff member’s reflection of critical thinking practices on the Thomas website.

We appreciate your support and questions as together “We Grow Thinkers!”


Thomas Staff enjoying a 7 Habits professional development time on Thursday morning. During one game, each team had to send a representative to synergize with the other representatives.
Happy Trails, Mr. Hutchins!
We have appreciated your service and friendship!
Mrs. Reck's Second grade class audio taped The Pledge of Allegiance with representatives from Sunny 95.
It will air Friday, December 18th at 7 a.m.
Students in Mrs. Deschler's Class are collaborating to identify and write the main events from a myth they read in class. The students also collaborated and persevered to put the events that another group wrote in sequential order.
Caroling at Walmart

Thank you for making Winter Wonderland a Success.
Thank you to our many talented students for performing.
 Two, fourth grade math classes synergized to create devices to "harvest pumpkins" quickly and efficiently. The groups collected information about their device and are using it to calculate information for larger fields of pumpkins.
They were very creative with their designs!
Thomas passed on our Thanks in many ways. Students wrote thank you cards of appreciation which were given to family members, Veterans, and members of our community. Peer Buddies hosted a luncheon. The staff was grateful to each other for their support and passed around turkey notes saying thank you.

Students actively participated focusing on the messages below.

- Patient Listening – respond with effort and kindness.

- I own my effort, and nobody has the power to take my effort…It’s impossible…I own my effort…

- Nobody’s perfect…we’re all a work in progress…we’re all here to improve…

- Work is called work because it’s work. If you do it, it works.

- A mistake is a sign of effort and opportunity to learn and grow. Not being willing to make mistakes can be a sign that you have a mixed mind set and are afraid to try. 

-To have that awesome feeling of helping others, you have to do something!

- How many people does it take to make a difference? One!


Some students at Thomas participated in the Cardboard Challenge to practice collaborating, persevering and being creative.

 What a great surprise!!! Welcome Home Capt. from serving overseas! We appreciate your service.

Thomas News
Registration for Family Sessions at the 2016 Dublin Literacy Conference now open
Two free sessions for parents and students will be offered at the Feb. 20 conference and are limited to the first 100 registrants  
2016-17 kindergarten registration process begins in January
The kindergarten registration process for the 2016-17 school year will begin this month. You can see registration dates by school here: 
Community Champion Award nominations now being accepted
The Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Dublin City Schools are now accepting online nominations for the 11th annual Community Champion Awards at this link. 
Thomas teachers making The Dublin Difference in a future teacher’s life
It’s no secret our teachers work hard to make the Dublin Difference every day. At Thomas Elementary, teachers are making a huge difference in a future teacher’s life.  
We grow thinkers: Building a culture of enrichment
By Kimberly Pietsch Miller
Chief Academic Officer
During the first few weeks of the new school year, you may see members of our staff wearing “We grow thinkers” wristbands. This is not a new catch phrase, but a historic mantra we are reinventing this school year as we sharpen our instructional focus on creativity, critical thinking, personalized learning, and enrichment for all students.  
Complete and current bus route information
The most up to date and complete bus route information this school year will be available at this link: https://elink.dublinschools.net/ 
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Important safety rules to follow while on the playground.
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