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Thomas Elementary
Principal: Jenny Davis
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May 2016

May is upon us Thomas Families!

This year has been the fastest ever, it seems! I hear “time flies when you’re havin’ fun.” That must be why. We have had fun focusing on critical thinking and creativity at school. It appears the students have enjoyed the rich problem-solving, projects, and ability to wonder and ask questions in the classroom. As a building, we will continue to get better at making this learning visible to you.

I know families are hearing from your children about their learning experiences. My hope is they have shared the “Six Thinking Practices” with you. Critical Thinkers question, collaborate, create/innovate, persevere, think flexibly, and communicate with confidence. Students continually share with me what they are wondering. Today, a second grader stopped me to explain how collaboration has been a challenge, continuing to articulate her strategy of giving her team a pep talk when she notices them having a hard time getting along. This is a perfect example of persevering through difficult situations. Teachers are generating new approaches to learning, which involve greater creativity prompting the need for flexible thinking in listening to the ideas of others to approach a group task. Finally, I have noticed students with greater confidence when presenting their ideas, as we stress this daily. What amazing life skills our children are developing!

Between now and June 6th, we will take advantage of every learning situation. Thank you for sending your children to Thomas each day ready to learn. We will make the most of every moment, whether we are in class, on a field trip, or at Super Games. We are continually learning! Please take part in all of the experiences remaining this school year! Partnering with you to support your child’s well-rounded experience is important to us. Together we make a terrific team!

May/June Calendar of Events

Teacher Appreciation Week- May 2nd-6th

Thank you, Families, for all of your support of our staff!

PTO Movie Night featuring Inside Out-Friday, May 6th at 6:00 p.m.

Board of Education Meeting-May 9th, 1919 Building at 7:00 p.m.

Leadership Day-May 11th for Central Ohio Educators

May Day Celebration-May 19th

Volunteer Luncheon-May 19th So thankful for all of your assistance!

Third Grade Field Trip-May 24th

Preschool Last Day-May 26th

Kindergarten Field Trip-May 27th

First Grade Field Trip-May 27th

Third Grade Field Trip-May 27th

Memorial Day-No School-May 30th

Fifth Grade to Llewellyn Park- May 31st

Sells Middle School Panel visits 5th Grade-May 31st

Super Games-June 1st

Second Grade to Llewellyn Park-Jun 2nd

Kindergarten Celebration- June 3rd

Fifth Grade to Magic Mountain-June 3rd

Fifth Grade Celebration-June 6th at 2:15 p.m.

Last Day for Students-Monday, June 6th

Report Cards Sent Home with Students


Dear Parents,
Our annual Supergames event will be June 1st. We will need plenty of volunteers to help make this a fun-filled day for our students. If you would like to participate, please email your child's teacher.
Students in grades 1 & 2 will have their event in the morning from 9:30-12:00. Grades 3, 4 & 5 will be scheduled from 12:30 - 3:00. Kindergarten will be during their regularly scheduled school day. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
If you have questions, please email me at burton_jennifer@dublinschools.net.
Not sure what Supergames is all about? Check out their website at supergames.org.
Thank you for your support!
Thomas third graders had an amazing day!! On the guided tour, through the Columbus Museum of Art. The students used the "see, think, wonder" thinking practice to talk about the art work (we toured many of the galleries). In the workshop, the students created puppets to represent a character, such as a villain, hero, best friend, and role model. Some students volunteered to share their ideas confidently. They were able to bring their puppets home, which should help spark conversations with their parents! Thank you, Thomas PTO, for supporting us in attending this great day of learning!
The AM and PM Kindergarten students used their creativity and collaborated to build a 3D shape city. Thanks for sending in the supplies.
Congratulations!!! Thomas Running Club for completing a 5K.

Hannah Schober from 4th grade and Jasmine Young from 3rd grade were the two artists whose work represented Thomas during Dublin's Art Stroll.

Sri earned several medals during the Track Event with Special Olympics at Dennison University this weekend. Congratulations to our track star!!!
Thomas students welcomed 50 plus visitors from across the state of Ohio at our Second Annual Leadership Day, showing them great leadership skills and our richness in cultural diversity.
Thomas News
Thomas teachers making The Dublin Difference in a future teacher’s life
It’s no secret our teachers work hard to make the Dublin Difference every day. At Thomas Elementary, teachers are making a huge difference in a future teacher’s life.  
We grow thinkers: Building a culture of enrichment
By Kimberly Pietsch Miller
Chief Academic Officer
During the first few weeks of the new school year, you may see members of our staff wearing “We grow thinkers” wristbands. This is not a new catch phrase, but a historic mantra we are reinventing this school year as we sharpen our instructional focus on creativity, critical thinking, personalized learning, and enrichment for all students.  
Complete and current bus route information
The most up to date and complete bus route information this school year will be available at this link: https://elink.dublinschools.net/ 
We Grow Thinkers: The K-5 Gifted Services model
We grow thinkers.
That is the important task of our dedicated and expert teaching staff who are charged with turning the work of the K-5 Gifted Task Force into classroom learning when school resumes on Aug. 26.
K-5 Literacy and numeracy coaches are having positive impacts in the classroom
In their first year, the District’s literacy and numeracy coaches are having a positive impact on student learning and teacher professional development.  
Child Find – Help Dublin Schools Identify Children with Disabilities
Child Find is the process of locating, evaluating, and identifying children with disabilities who may be in need of special education and related services. 

Thank you for making the Art Show a success.


Friday the Capital Area Humane Society visited with their mobile unit. The kindergarteners truly enjoyed their time with the animals and learning about their care.
Thomas is hustling and bustling this morning with Dads & Donuts/Breakfast with Buddies, second grade field trip to COSI, and construction deliveries for the new addition:-)
Congratulations to our 2nd Graders on a Wonderful performance!
Thank you to our 2nd Graders, Mrs. Arcaro, and 2nd Grade Teachers.

Dublin Difference Showcase
Thomas students shared about their Leader in Me Action Groups.  
Glacier Ridge Metro Parks came to speak with 4th graders. Chrissy Hoff discussed roles the Metro Parks play in protecting ecosystems. She also played a fun interactive game to simulate the role of energy in an ecosystem. The students even got to see spotted salamanders from the park!

Families had a great time socializing at the Thomas Sweetheart Dance. 

Author Coach Sloth spoke to the students about reaching their dreams.
Thomas Staff enjoying a 7 Habits professional development time on Thursday morning. During one game, each team had to send a representative to synergize with the other representatives.
Happy Trails, Mr. Hutchins!
We have appreciated your service and friendship!
Mrs. Reck's Second grade class audio taped The Pledge of Allegiance with representatives from Sunny 95.
It will air Friday, December 18th at 7 a.m.
Students in Mrs. Deschler's Class are collaborating to identify and write the main events from a myth they read in class. The students also collaborated and persevered to put the events that another group wrote in sequential order.
Caroling at Walmart


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Thank you for making Winter Wonderland a Success.
Thank you to our many talented students for performing.
 Two, fourth grade math classes synergized to create devices to "harvest pumpkins" quickly and efficiently. The groups collected information about their device and are using it to calculate information for larger fields of pumpkins.
They were very creative with their designs!
Thomas passed on our Thanks in many ways. Students wrote thank you cards of appreciation which were given to family members, Veterans, and members of our community. Peer Buddies hosted a luncheon. The staff was grateful to each other for their support and passed around turkey notes saying thank you.

Students actively participated focusing on the messages below.

- Patient Listening – respond with effort and kindness.

- I own my effort, and nobody has the power to take my effort…It’s impossible…I own my effort…

- Nobody’s perfect…we’re all a work in progress…we’re all here to improve…

- Work is called work because it’s work. If you do it, it works.

- A mistake is a sign of effort and opportunity to learn and grow. Not being willing to make mistakes can be a sign that you have a mixed mind set and are afraid to try. 

-To have that awesome feeling of helping others, you have to do something!

- How many people does it take to make a difference? One!


Some students at Thomas participated in the Cardboard Challenge to practice collaborating, persevering and being creative.

 What a great surprise!!! Welcome Home Capt. from serving overseas! We appreciate your service.

Playground Rules
Important safety rules to follow while on the playground.


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