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Week of May 22
Dear Families,
Here is what's happening this week: 
Math:   This week, we will be working on some enrichment activities in math. We have been calculating the area of irregular shapes. We will also revisit telling time and using addition, subtraction, multiplication algorithms. 
I will not be sending any more math homework this year.
If time allows, I encourage students to practice their multiplication and division facts at home so that they will become fluent with them.  
Reading:   This week, we will continue to read and work on understanding informational texts. We will identify the main idea and apply supporting details. We will use text features such as photographs, charts, captions, headings, and subheadings to help us understand nonfiction text. We will also work on previewing texts, stopping to think, and writing nonfiction.
Writing: We will be writing one final opinion piece. The students are also sharing writing pieces that they have chosen
Word Study:  We will be learning about the use of commas in sentences. We will be writing complex sentences.
Science: We will continue to learn about energy and resources. Some resources provide energy. Heat, electrical energy, light, sound and magnetic energy are forms of energy.  We will be working with our math coach, Mrs. Smith, to construct and fly "walk-along gliders."
Have a wonderful week! 

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