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Week of September 25
Dear Families,
Math:   We will be finishing our study of addition and subtraction using mental math, and rounding to the nearest 10 and nearest 100.  We will have a topic test on Topic 2 on Monday, September 25.
Next in math, we will be learning about bar graphs and pictographs. We will be creating our own graphs from data we gather, and we will be asking and answering questions about these graphs.
I will be sending homework on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Reading:  We continue to work on building reading stamina and making thoughtful book selections.
We are setting goals for ourselves which include reading behavior goals, fluency goals, genre goals, and comprehension goals. 
We are also meeting in small groups to read short texts, answer questions about short texts, and to cite references from the texts.  
Language/Word Study: This week we will begin to identify the different parts of speech and how our words are grouped accordingly. We will then start to look at nouns, both common nouns and proper nouns. 
We have been concentrating on correctly using capital letters and punctuation in all our sentences.  I am placing a heavy emphasis on these conventions as we proceed through the school year.
Writing: We are finishing typing our first narrative. The students are learning to use Google Docs to type and to edit their pieces. We are now revising and editing these narratives. I have been stressing the importance of including details, feelings and emotions that allow the reader to imagine being in the story. We are also working on writing events in a sequence and writing transition words such as "first, then, next, afterward." We will continue narrative writing for the next few weeks. 
Social Studies: We have begun to learn about communities. We are discussing what makes a community and how diverse cultural groups make up our community of Dublin. Last week, I sent home a culture questionnaire with your child. I have asked each child to answer some questions about his/her traditions, celebrations, and languages. We will begin to create a slide show presentation in class about each child's family. I look forward to learning more about our wonderful class!
Have a wonderful week! 

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No School October 2 (Waiver Day)
Third Grade Classes to Ohio Theater Thurs. Oct 5
Parent Teacher Conferences  Thurs. Oct 12 and Wed. Oct. 18 
OST (Ohio State Test) Third Grade Wed. Oct. 25 and Thurs. Oct. 26 

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