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Eli Pinney Physical Education - Celebrating Movement

I believe physical education is the cornerstone of an active life. Physical education provides the skills, knowledge and attitudes that facilitate choosing physical activity that will help your child enjoy a lifetime of physical activity and good health. As your child's physical education teacher my goals are to:

*Establish a positive, safe learning environment for all students

*Teach a variety of physical activities that make class fun and enjoyable

*Create maximum opportunities for students of all abilities to be successful

*Promote student honesty, integrity and good sportsmanship

*Assist students in setting and achieving personal goals

*Provide specific, constructive feedback to help students master motor skills

*Create opportunities for students to succeed in cooperative and competitive situations

*Prepare and encourage students to be active learners for a lifetime

Sharon Hathaway

PE News

End of the year news

I have had an amazing school year and as always my students have surprised me with their love of learning, moving and playing. It’s hard to believe that the year is over; we have had a great time!

Fifth graders, as you move on I look forward to hearing about your successes as well as your challenges at middle school. I also want to thank you for the many opportunities I had to share my passion of movement and play with you. I hope, as the years pass, you realize the importance of keeping active and a healthy lifestyle.

As for our returning students, I hope you have an active and healthy summer. I encourage you to be active for 60 minutes every day, whether it’s getting outside to play, taking a walk, swimming with friends, or riding bikes, challenge yourself to keep moving! Healthy choices such as: a nutritional diet, getting enough sleep, and daily exercise should all be important choices that we make every day. Come August I will be looking forward to another school year filled with progress, excitement and growth.

Wishing you a wonderful summer!

Stay active and be safe. Looking forward to another exciting journey next fall.

3rd, 4th and 5th grade winter news

Team Challenges

Students were challenged to build bucket pyramids using the old game of telephone. One student would look at a blue print and have to relay the message to the next player. As the message was relayed to teammates the students created a pyramid that resembled the one on the blue print. If the message was given or received incorrectly it made an impact on the overall product. A great activity to work on communication skills, flexible thinking and sharing ideas with confidence.

Secret passcode was another team challenge game that forced teams to use collaboration, empathy and perseverance. Each student had the opportunity to be the leader with the passcode. Other teammates worked to solve the puzzle by stepping on dots in a given order. When students stepped on an incorrect dot, the group actually found success because they knew that the code did not go in that direction. When the code was completed a more challenging passcode was presented to the team.

The final challenge was to complete a Jigsaw Dance. Groups were randomly chosen and each group created a short three beat dance. Each member was dispersed to another group and taught their three beats to the new group. As each new group worked to learn all of the other beats a short dance evolved and became a unique dance that the entire group created and performed.


Basketball is always an exciting unit for me. Playing and coaching basketball has always been a passion and I love the opportunity to share it with my students. We begin the unit with ball handling and dribbling skills. As the unit moves along the I always add more challenging drills. A student isn’t ask to compete against other students, rather, they are asked to try improve their own numbers and increase their speed at their own rate. The basics of both bounce and chest pass become a crucial part of the unit as well. These skill are practiced in both stationary settings as well as moving situations to simulate game play. Students love to shoot the ball and we have an unlimited number of shooting games. One of my favorites is called 25, 50, 75 and 100. The students are divided into pairs and are asked to combine their dribbling, passing and shooting skills into one activity. They are also free to choose their shooting spot; some spots are closer and some are further away. Students can make their choice as to where they think they will be most successful.

Besides shooting the students also learn offensive skills such as head fakes, ball fakes, give and go, moving without the ball and rebounding strategies. Defense is equally important and the students are exposed to the concepts of zone and man to man. Students are also introduced to the difference between on ball defense and one or two passes away (or off ball) defense.

Finally, the students are asked to put their newly learned skills into game play. We begin game play with half court, 3 versus 2. The final tournament is full court, three on three games. Students make choices about their skill levels and teams to play a non-competitive game. Each student is sure to find success and enjoy the basketball unit.

1st and 2nd grade winter news

As the second trimester began the younger students began a rolling unit. Within the rolling unit we discussed and implemented stepping with opposition when getting ready to release the ball. Along with a multitude of rolls students also examined force. It takes a hard force to knock over something that’s heavy and a much softer force if the object is light, like a beach ball. The students practiced their rolling skills by playing a game of pinball. Pinball is rolling game where each team protects their bowling pins from the other team and secondly, students roll the balls across the gym to knock down the opponents’ pins. Within this lesson we were able to discuss guarding strategies as well as offensive strategies such as: distractions, sneak attacks and angles.

The first and second graders have just finished a throwing and catching unit. After much practice we have created 5 steps to a perfect throw: 1. side to target, 2. create an L shape with your arms, 3. step with opposition, 4. trunk rotation, 5. throw/release and follow through. The students were given multiple opportunities to practice and explore these throwing steps; individually, with a partner, with a group, and within a game setting. Battleship tends to be one of the favorite throwing games. The students are divided into teams. Each team is given a mat which becomes their ship. Their job is to protect their cargo (bowling pins) from other teams. While protecting their bowling pins they also try to acquire cannon balls to throw toward other ships to see if they can knock their cargo overboard. We concluded the unit with a game of Star Wars. As the students threw the ball across the gym the began to realize that if they use the 5 steps to a perfect throw, their throws became more powerful and accurate.

3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Fall News

We began the school year with emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. The students were engaged in cooperative initiatives which allowed them to display their leadership skills, use problem solving strategies, make responsible choices and be active!

Currently we are finishing up our first sport unit, football. The football unit involves an eight to ten week investigation of the many different ingredients of the game. We, of course, practice the skills of the game: passing, catching, running passing routes, and handoffs. Offensive and defensive strategies are also introduced and applied to game situations. Defensively we practiced tackling (pulling the flag) and coverage responsibilities. Offensively we executed the tough concept of moving to get open and running with the football. Intertwined in all of the rehearsal of skills the students learned the rules of the game. The sport season ended with a small 4 versus 4 game. The opportunity for a game situation allowed the students to combine all of their new knowledge and skills, demonstrate leadership skills and display good sportsmanship.

1st and 2nd Grade Fall News

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have made so many new friends! Our first graders are kind, thoughtful, respectful and FUN! The first graders have surprised me with their enthusiasm and enjoyment of movement! We have been busy getting to know each other and learn some of the routines in PE. The first few lessons include games such as: scrambled eggs, five noses, gross motor tic-tac-toe, horseshoes, gotcha and the popular parachute. These games sparked conversation about teamwork, fair play, safety, and the importance of following directions. The students have also enjoyed many tag games such as: spider and fly tag, ant tag, bird tag, three finger tag and sneak attack! I am looking forward to a wonderful year of sportsmanship and growth.

Second grade is always an exciting year, ready to move on to bigger, better things. Phys. Ed. Class is a perfect place to show growth, leadership and responsibility. The second grade curriculum is very similar to first grade however I always try to extend the lesson and provide extra challenges to encourage student excitement and curiosity. We are going to have a great year of discovery!


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