Weekly Update 2/18

General News:

Scottish Corners has a twitter account now. It can be found at https://twitter.com/sceDCSD (@sceDCSD),

Family Game Night is on February 28. Hope to see many Wyverns there.

The SCE Earth Club is partnering with PTO for Family Game NIght. If you are an Earth Club Member, please sign up for the Green Squad by going to www.mysignup.com/greensquad


Grades for the Topic 9/Geometry test are on Progress Book. Thanks for all of the strong parent support for the geometry vocabulary. Students did exceptionally well on this unit and on the assessment.

We started our Topic 10 and 11 units on fractions today. Concepts learned in this unit include equivalent fractions, fractions in simplest form, improper fractions, mixed numbers, comparing and ordering fractions and adding and subtracting fractions. Fractions concepts are abstract, so every attempt will be made to use manipulatives and hands on activities to understand and achieve.

Students brought home MPS #18 on Tuesday and it is due next Monday. There will be content related homework on Thursday

Social Studies

We will be completing our Social Studies unit with a study of primary and secondary sources, economics and the Northwest Ordinance.


Next week we will begin our study of Energy.

The content statement for this unit of study is:

Energy can be transformed from one form to another or can be transferred from one location to another.

Concepts learned include:

The addition of heat may increase the temperature of an object. The removal of heat may decrease the temperature of an object.

Electrical conductors are materials through which electricity can flow easily. Electricity introduced to one part of the object spreads to other parts of the object (e.g., copper wire is an electrical conductor because electricity flows through the wires in a lamp from the outlet to the light bulb and back to the outlet).

Electrical insulators are materials through which electricity cannot flow easily.

Electrical conductivity must be explored through testing common materials to determine their conductive properties.

In order for electricity to flow through a circuit, there must be a complete loop through which the electricity can pass.

Language Arts

In reading workshop we will continue to work on summarizing short nonfiction pieces. We got a little behind schedule on that goal last week.

Our Writing Workshop time this week and into next week will be used to produce book hooks. Book hooks are a filmed book talk that will get shown to the school during lunch. Many of the Wyverns have produced book hooks in the library this year so they are familiar with the format. The scripts we will be writing extend the typical format and we are also focusing on word choice. Hopefully by the end of next week, we will have the videos completed.

This week we are starting Word Study Unit 8. This unit focuses on “r-controlled’ vowels. Many of the words on the home sheet may look much easier than the past few units, but ‘r-contolled‘ vowel words can be difficult to master due to the similarity between the -ir, -er, and -ur sounds within words. Most of the work we will be doing in class will build the visual side of word recall, not how the words sound. The test will be Tuesday (March 4). You can get to the website by clicking here


Ms. Wilkinson and Mr. Keefer

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