OLSAT and Stanford Testing

OLSAT / Stanford Assessment Information

The week of January 16th, students inGrades 2 and 4 will be taking two assessments that will be used by our classroom teachers to evaluate a student’s overall academic performance. The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) is an ability assessment that will focus on a student’s reasoning skills. The Stanford Tests are achievement assessments that will focus on a student’s reading, math, science and social studies skills.

The OLSAT assesses a student’s abstract thinking and reasoning ability through a School Ability Index (SAI). The results from this assessment will allow us to look at how your child compares to a representative sample of students who are the same age and grade level in school.

The Stanford Tests measure student performance in specific content areas at a particular grade level. Students inGrades 4 will take the complete battery of assessments, which includes Word Study/Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Math Problem Solving, Math Procedures, Science and Social Studies. The results from these tests will allow us to see how your child is progressing through the curriculum in the core content areas in each of our buildings.

If you would like additional information regarding these assessments, please contact Craig Heath, Director of Data and Assessment, at 764-5913.


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