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Deer Run Elementary
Principal: Susann Wittig
8815 Avery Road
Dublin, OH 43017
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Elementary Dress Code

Elementary Dress Code

Dublin students have considerable choice in their style of dress and appearance. Student appearance reflects an attitude of pride in self, school, and community. For all Dublin elementary school students, no article of clothing shall be worn that distracts from the educational process. Clothing is to be neat, clean and modest.

1. Low-cut tops, see-through blouses, midriff tops, tank tops, spaghetti

straps, very short skirts or shorts are examples of styles which are considered unacceptable for students.

2. Unacceptable accessories including chains and/or studded accessories are not permitted.

3. Clothing with writing and/or symbols that advertise or promote activities

against school regulations is not permitted.

4. Writing or symbols on shirts that are obscene or suggestive of obscenities are not permitted. Messages suggestive of alcohol, substance abuse or an unhealthy attitude toward school are not productive for a positive school environment and also are not permitted.

5. Hats or other non-religious head coverings are not permitted to be worn

in the building.

6. Sunglasses are not permitted unless approved by a physician and the school nurse.

7. Pants or shorts with holes in them and/or cutoff shorts are not permitted.

8. Oversized clothing which is excessive or compromises the safety of students is not permitted.

9. Appropriate footwear will be worn at all times, i.e., no stacked-heel shoes, no floppy sandals, no flipflops, no shoes with built in skates, etc.

10. Shoes that provide sanitary protection and safety for the feet must be worn at all times.

Note: Individual exceptions to the dress code are acceptable if authorized by the building principal or designee.

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