State of Ohio releases 2016-17 report cards

“We welcome high standards and accountability measures,” said Superintendent Dr. Todd Hoadley. “The report card results are based on standardized tests, which represent just one indicator of progress. In Dublin City Schools, well-rounded experiences for students is one of our highest priorities. Many members of our community have consistently expressed the opinion, there is too much testing and there is too much emphasis placed on test results. We agree. While we are constantly analyzing our data in the name of continuous improvement and will continue to do so, improving test scores is not our main goal.”

The District measures its success in a variety of ways and you can learn more by visiting our 2017 Quality Profile web pages.

Dublin City Schools’ goal is to foster creativity and critical thinking in our students while they demonstrate content mastery in a variety of ways outside the traditional assessment box. Success in college, and eventually in the workplace, will have little to do with standardized test results. While our efforts involve the whole child, we are proud of our academic data.

Dublin City Schools students’ AVERAGE ACT composite score remains at an all-time high of 26.0, up from 25.5 only two years ago. Our ACT scores are rising as our enrollment grows, our diversity grows, and our ACT participation numbers grow. We also recently learned we have an incredible 40 National Merit Scholar Semifinalists this year. The National Merit Scholar Semifinalist designation is a highly valued national recognition and is based on outstanding scores on the PSAT test, an indicator of college readiness. The District’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) results are more than 20% above the national norm in math and reading. Recently, we were named the 5th best District in the United States of America by

The areas of the report card are: achievement, gap closing, graduation rate, third grade literacy, third grade reading guarantee, prepared for success, and progress. All of these categories require definitions in spite of claims the letter grade system was devised in part so it would be easier to understand. The definitions of what these categories are attempting to convey are provided by the State of Ohio on their report card website.

The District received “Bs” on the measures of performance index and prepared for success, and a “C” in the category of third grade literacy.

Even though, 98.9% of our third graders met the requirements of the third grade guarantee, the District received a “C” in the third grade literacy category for the third consecutive year. These types of results are only part of the reason Dublin City Schools measures student success in a wide variety of ways other than that a state issued “report card.”

The Dublin City Schools mission is to prepare students for the worlds of higher education and work, and to provide students with the tools they need to become productive members of society. The categories deemed important by the state of Ohio do not match our District or community priorities.

“We are interested growing great thinkers, not great test takers,” Dr. Hoadley said.

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