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$10-million in cuts to be made if Issue 48 fails
During its Sept. 10 meeting, Dublin City School District Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution approving $10-million in budget reductions prior to the 2013-14 school year if the issue fails.

Cuts include academic areas such as the consolidation of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, reduced Advanced Placement (AP)/Core course offerings, reduced World Language offerings, and reduced music programs.

The resolution approved the reduction of 125+ staff members (certified, classified, and administrative) if the cuts must take place.

Non-academic programs will also see substantial cuts if the issue fails.

Athletics and extracurricular activities would be reduced, high school busing (including private hs routes) would be eliminated, and pay to participate fees would rise to $400 per activity. Current high school pay to participate fees range from $40-$75 depending upon the activity. At the middle school level, activities are $30 per student.

“It’s very different when you’re making these levels of cuts in one year,” said Superintendent Dr. David Axner. “These cuts would have a serious impact on our district for years to come.”

Some of the specific program cuts discussed by the Board are listed below.

• Larger class sizes
• Elementary strings eliminated
• Elementary Spanish eliminated
• Field trips further reduced

Middle School
• Larger class sizes
• 8th grade World Languages reduced
• 8th grade art reduced
• Middle School strings eliminated/other music impacted
• Pay to participate will be $400 per activity

High School
• IB consolidated
• Advanced Placement/Core classes reduced
• High School busing eliminated
• Music programs impacted
• World Language programs reduced
• Pay to participate will be $400 per activity

The district has cut more than $15-million since 2007. This past spring, the Board approved more than $7.1-million in cuts over the next two years. Other areas would also see reductions. Additional staffing cuts to the central office, custodial, transportation, technology, and guidance departments will also be made if Issue 48 fails.

The Board resolution is below.

Dublin Board of Education resolution establishing the reductions that will be implemented in the event Issue 48 is defeated on November 6, 2012.


 September 10, 2012




Classified Staff = 38 ($1,731,600)


These may include secretaries, custodians, buildings and grounds staff, bilingual aides, transportation staff, educational aides, treasurer staff, seasonal staff and security monitors.


Certified Staff = 77.5 ($5,405,400)


These may include classroom teachers, ELL teachers, social workers, world language teachers, art teachers, music teachers, guidance counselors, media specialists, technology education teachers, gifted intervention specialists, IB coordinators, DTA teacher, YPA teacher, and broadcast video teachers.


Administrators = 2 ($140,400)


These may include an assistant principal and a central office coordinator.


Technical Staff = 8 ($332,800)


These may include assistant trainers, IT staff and attendance counselors.


Service Reductions = $2,469,000


These service reductions may include the elimination of high school busing, a 50% reduction in field trips, eliminating 9th grade and JV B sports, various clubs and the corresponding supplemental contracts, consolidation of IB at one school, a 50% reduction in staff extended time, and increasing pay to participate to $400 per activity (MS and HS sports and HS band).

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