Learn more about our Chromebook Initiative for grades 6 and 9!

By Lindie Schweitzer,
Coordinator of Educational Technology

I hope your start to the 2017-18 school year has been successful. My name is Lindie Schweitzer and I am the District’s new Coordinator of Educational Technology. It is my job to facilitate programming where instruction and technology meet in our classrooms. I am thrilled to share that Dublin City Schools will be implementing a one to one initiative starting with students in grades six and nine.

As the District enters year two of its technology plan, one of the most impactful aspects of the plan is the implementation of a one to one initiative at the secondary level. This means providing Chromebooks to all sixth and ninth graders this coming school year, with the goal of being one to one in grades 6-12 by 2019.

Teacher mobility, infrastructure enhancements, and improved space utilization, were successfully implemented during year one of the technology plan. Although year two of the plan puts more devices in the hands of more students, more devices does not automatically translate to higher levels of student achievement without proper implementation of the program.

In year two we are placing an emphasis on technology to maximize student learning. One of our big goals as we roll out approximately 2,400 Chromebooks this year is professional development for teachers. This plan will increase students’ access to the learning tools of the day. Once successfully integrated into our curriculum, these Chromebooks will augment the District’s workshop model of instruction, which offers differentiated instruction and personalized learning experiences.

As digital content continues to improve, we are aware that we do not want to drastically increase the screen time of our students. Our one to one initiative is about enhancing our workshop model of instruction and opportunities for our students, while using the devices they will later use in the workplace and higher education.This may eventually cut down on the number of textbooks the District needs to purchase as well.

At the end of each school year, students will turn in their devices for cleaning and software updates. They will be issued that same device when the new school year begins in the fall. When a student leaves middle school and enters high school, they will receive a new device for their high school career.

There will be a $40 technology fee associated with the Chromebooks to help cover the costs of damaged and lost devices. Our District is very fortunate to be able to roll out this large scale initiative without having had a bond issue for technology approved by the community since 2012. Thanks to excellent financial management and expenditure reductions, the one to one program can proceed with only the administration of the technology fee.

If you have additional questions about the Chromebooks for grades six and nine this school year, you can visit our website at www.dublinschools.net/OnetoOne.aspx.

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