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 We share about our lives in Room 234 on our class twitter account.  Feel free to follow us and/or click on the link to the right.  It's going to be an amazing year of learning. 
Good afternoon, I appreciate meeting with half the parents Wednesday night at conferences. The conversations are powerful and help me continue to learn more about your child. I look forward to meeting with the rest of you Tuesday night. Here's the latest update.
Reading: We have completed our learning target: Compare and contrast two or more characters/ settings. Ask your child about the picture book: Those Shoes. There are several life lessons in this story.
Writing: Everyone is lifting their thinking from their Writer's Notebook and composing their memoir. It is about their favorite place based on Ralph Fletcher's book: Marshfield Dreams.
Word Study: We have learned the four kinds of sentences and this week the focus has been on three types of sentences. Ask your wordsmith what are the three types? See if they know the difference? If they can tell you have them email me, and I will have a special "treat" for them on Monday.
Math: Focus has been on rounding and estimating decimals. Today they learned a new game using all the their skills including number lines as a tool to help them organize their thinking.
Social Studies: We completed our first half unit of Geography today. Hopefully your child shared with you last night the Google document that helped them study. It was a digital study guide.
Finally, we are reading How to Steal a Dog, a favorite book of mine. Everyday when I finish reading, they each get to decide if they would steal the dog. Ask your child about this heartwarming story.
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