September 11, 2017

Dear Families,
In language arts this week, we started working on writing some goals for both reading and math.  We will be working on writing interesting and complete sentences.   We are also going to be exploring synonyms and antonyms.  In reading we will continue exploring different types of questions and the reading required to answer each type of question.
In math we will be digging into rounding and estimating.  We will also be working on addition and subtractions with and without regrouping in numbers up to the millions place.
In science, we have moved into a quick study of magnets before we head into energy, electricity, and the conservation of energy.  I will apologize in advance if you child wants to watch a History Channel Modern Marvels on magnets.  We watched just a few minutes of this today as part of our introduction and many were sad they didn't get to watch the whole show.  We did some experimenting with magnets today as well testing to see what materials were magnetic.  We will continue this exploration for a couple days then move into energy transfer by the end of the week.
Reminders and Announcements:
  1. It would be very helpful if you child had earbuds or headphones.  They will need them for the state AIR tests in the spring but, we will use iXL and other websites all year.  They would be able to listen to the audio from these sites if they have their own listening devices.  I have a very limited number of headphones in the classroom.
  2. Thanks so much to Maria Cramer-Kirkpatrick and Denise Kline for volunteering to be our room parents.  Look for information from them regarding our class parties!
  3. Conferences--  I will be setting up a Sign up Genius in the next week or so for Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Look for that link soon.
 Thanks and as always, if you have any questions, please let me know.
Julia Barthelmes
4th Grade
Mary Emma Bailey Elementary




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