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Heidi Lehman

Dear Families,
Here we are at the end of the school year.  Thank you all for your help and support this year.  We've had a terrific year and I have loved working with your children.  I hope you all have a wonderful summer.  

Thursday is our last Eagle Pride Day and everyone is encouraged to wear Wyandot wear or green & white for Dublin.  Final grade cards will be available on or after June 1 via ProgressBook.  This is a change from years past when grade cards were sent home on the last day of school in hard copy format.

Wondering what types of things you can do over the summer with your child?

Here are my TOP 4 suggestions:
* read every day & visit the library
* go places, do things and talk with your child about these activities and their ideas (plant flowers, hike in the woods, wash the car, catch lightning bugs)
* make, build, cook and create  (a fort, pancakes, a new game .... see what ideas your child might have.)
* have your kids write during the summer (send a note, email, make a card, write a story, make a slideshow, etc.)
Our district's reading teachers created an excellent resource with tips for the summer with great websites.  I also have more specific suggestions and ideas for ways to work with your child so they don't lose any ground and continue to make progress.  I'm happy to send both or either to you-  just let me know.
Thank you for a great year!
Heidi Lehman
[email protected]
May 24:  Class Picnic 12:00-1:00
May 25:  Last Day

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