Welcome to Music At Bailey

Welcome to Bailey Music....     
 The following grades will present music programs this year......... 1st grade, 3rd grade and 5th grade music classes will work on developing performance skills as they prepare and present music programs for Bailey staff, students and parents.     Please mark these dates on your calendars.
5th grade music classes  =   Thursday January 26th
          2:45 Assembly for Students and Staff       7:00 PM parent performance 
3rd grade music classes =Thursday,  March 9th   
          2:45 Assembly for Students and Staff        7:00 PM parent performance
1st grade music classes =Friday May 5th
      ** 2:30 PM parent performance   (no evening performance) 

Music Fotos


Students Create Music Goals

Rhythm notation learning goals created by students.
Famous Musician Focus

Famous Musician Focus

Throughout the year, a famous musician will be a focus in music classes.  Students will listen to music that musician is famous for, learn about their life, and what inspired their music.  Our first famous musician focus is the American composer, John Philip Sousa.  Students learned about the man and his music as they listened to his marches and discussed what inspired him to compose this patriotic music and when people use his music in their celebrations today.
Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade students also identified music skills and knowledge a composer and conductor needs to be successful.

Read on to learn more about this famous musician and see links to U.S. Marine Corps video performances of 3 of his famous compositions.
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