Wishing all Art History students and their families a safe and happy Thanksgiving Break.


It is the start of another exciting year in AP Art History. Class information, syllabus and much more information will be available on this website so check back often.

Week One

We are beginning our journey through Art History with a look at Prehistory and the birth of creativity and will continue with the Ancient Near East and Egypt. All books hopefully made it home safely and can stay there all year. We will kick off with a comparative essay and some note taking. Remember that all assignments will be available through this site.

Remember to complete both surveys by Friday. Your essays are due on Tuesday September 6th - the link is to the left. Read chapters 1 and 2.

Here is the prompt for this week's essay - remember it is due on Wednesday September 14th.

Week 4   

After careful review the test date may be moved to Tuesday February 22nd. Please bring any thoughts and opinions to class.
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