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April 28, 2017
Another busy, yet productive week.  It is hard to believe that Monday marks the first day of the last month of school!  Students will bring home a purple "Countdown Calendar" on Monday, 5/1.  We have fun events planned for each day this month, so please refer to this calendar.
Please read the information below related to OLSAT Testing:

The online Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) 8th edition will be offered to 3rd and 4th grade students this spring. Our planned date is Tuesday, May 2nd.

The OLSAT 8 is designed to measure those verbal, quantitative, and figural reasoning skills that are most closely related to scholastic achievement. The OLSAT is based on the idea that to learn new things, students must be able to perceive accurately, to recognize and recall what has been perceived, to think logically, to understand relationships, to abstract from a set of particulars, and to apply generalizations to new and different contexts. These abilities are assessed through performance on such tasks as detecting similarities and differences, solving analogies and matrixes, classifying and determining sequence.

There is no “passing” or “not passing” this assessment. It is used primarily for teachers and school administrators to know more about the student’s learning strengths and areas of need. You may want to remind students that it is a timed test which will take 40 minutes. Score results will be shared with parents and staff at the end of the school year. Parents will be notified via email. 

A Glance at This Week...
We worked on measurement conversions and problem solving this week.  They are becoming proficient with this skill!
Social Studies
We took the Social Studies AIR tests on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We learned about the productive resources that entrepreneurs use to start and run a business, risks that they take & why they take them and what it means to make a profit!
Language Arts: In Reading Workshop, we continued our historical fiction unit and analyzing internal character traits and supporting our thinking with the text.  We started new book club books this week!   In word study we focused on figurative language and examples to interpret meaning.   In writing workshop we continued our opinion writing unit by researching facts to support our opinion and the opposite point of view.  
A Look Ahead... 
Measurement-review on Monday, assessment on Tuesday
Social Studies:
*Managing your Money Wisely
*Assessment on Tuesday - open notes/reading                 
Language Arts:
Opinion writing
Historical Fiction
4th Grade Mission Statement 2016-2017
We the 4th Grade Students at Deer Run Elementary, Class of 2025 will listen to our teachers, be respectful and work hard so that we can learn more, become better people and show all 7 Habits in hopes that one day we will be ready for 5th Grade and be successful adults & future leaders.
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