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Senior citizens are an important component of the Dublin Difference

Senior citizens are highly valued by Dublin City Schools and I’d like to extend a personal invitation to all of our community’s senior citizens to attend any of our extracurricular activities free of charge.
Senior citizens who live in our District are admitted free to any school sponsored extracurricular activity, from concerts and plays, to football and soccer games. All seniors need to attend our activities is a green shamrock sticker for your driver’s license or Golden Buckeye Card. These cards can be obtained by visiting central office, any of our schools, or just email us at info@dublinschools.net and we will get some mailed out to you immediately. This is a great opportunity for grandparents who live in the district, as well as retired staff who used to be coaches and play advisors who want to stay close to the programs they helped build.
When you join us for an extracurricular activity, you won’t be disappointed. Our instrumental music programs are some of the best in Ohio. We have every type of musical performance you can imagine, from string quartets to full orchestras to symphonic ensembles to marching bands. If vocal music is more your preference, some of our students have some of the most amazing voices you’ll hear this side of Broadway. Vocal performances range from choirs, to dancing and singing chorales, to small a capella groups, to musical theater. The theater departments at our three high schools are outstanding and put on professional level productions several times per year. If you plan to attend a play, please call your chosen school in advance in the event the performance requires reserved seating.
We have a number of other ways senior citizens can be involved in Dublin City Schools. Four times each year I meet with a group of seniors who are part of the Superintendent’s Senior Council Advisory Committee. About 25-35 seniors join us for lunch at Central Office. We present an agenda for them that includes a student musical performance or academic demonstration, followed by presentations from Central Office administrators on the most important opportunities and challenges facing our district. During these presentations, we have a fantastic two-way conversation with our senior citizen stakeholders. Their input based on their life experiences has been invaluable for us.
Another way senior citizens can get involved with our District is to volunteer in one of our schools. We have a variety of volunteer needs depending on the grade level and building. At Wright Elementary, a volunteer squad of tutors works with students on their reading skills each year. This group includes senior citizens. At other schools, there is office work that needs done that our school personnel sometimes have trouble finding the time to get to. Volunteers are always welcome and you can find more information on the process to become an approved volunteer at http://www.dublinschools.net/volunteers.aspx
As Scioto Athletic Director Nick Magistrale recently said on our television program, “It really is about including the sense of community and including everyone.” We believe in that sentiment in Dublin City School. The old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” has never been more accurate than it is today. Our current students have never lived in a world without the internet, in a world without Twitter, without instant information consumption and dissemination. The youngest in our society can benefit from the wisdom and life experience brought to the table by the senior citizens of this community who’ve watched decades of societal growth lead us to where we are today. The understanding of this journey is an important part of a well-rounded education and tapping into our senior citizens’ knowledge is an important part of the Dublin Difference.
In closing, I again invite all of our community’s senior citizens to take advantage of our wonderful facilities by joining us for an extracurricular activity free of charge. You will be amazed by the talent of our students whether on the field and courts of play, or on a instrumental or vocal concert stage. If you have any questions about the program, do not hesitate to call 764-5913.
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