Mrs. Ramsey's Class Newsletter

Newsletter Nov 18th

Upcoming Dates:

November 23-25: No School- Thanksgiving Break

December 9: Winter Wonderland, 5:30 PM

Special Notes:

It’s that time of the year when the weather can be unpredictable. We will be going outside for recess every day unless it is raining, or the wind chill is 26 degrees or below. Please be sure to check the weather and make sure that the kiddos have appropriate clothing and outerwear for the forecast.

Also, we are starting to see more little friends who are not feeling well. Per our school/district policy, children should stay home from school if they have a fever of 100 or above, have diarrhea, are vomiting, and/or have any other contagious illness. They should be symptom free for 24 consecutive hours before returning to school. Thank you for adhering to this policy in order to keep everyone safe and healthy!

Thomas Elementary is proud to be a Leader In Me school! All students have opportunities to be leaders. Once a month, beginning next Tuesday, November 22nd, students will spend time in their leadership groups. Each group is designed to support Thomas or the community around us in a unique way. Teachers support each group, but the children drive the focus and activities. Be sure to ask your child about their leadership group next Tuesday!

***Next week, we will read some books about Thanksgiving and some humorous books about turkeys and the troubles they can give farmers! On Tuesday, students will have the opportunity to collaborate and work through the Engineering Design Process in order to create and innovate a TURKEY TRAP!! If you have a chance this weekend, please gather materials that you think would be good in creating some sort of trap (shoe boxes, string, pipe cleaners, plastic cups, clean recyclables) and send them in on Monday and Tuesday. The kiddos do not know about this design challenge so PLEASE DO NOT TELL THEM WHAT THE MATERIALS ARE FOR! :) Thanks so much for all of your support in providing your child with opportunities to put the Six Practices of Thinkers in action! Also, I have sent home some copies of the Design Challenges we have done during the Second Trimester! Stay tuned to Bloomz for pictures of the Turkey Trap Design Challenge!

Next Week’s Related Arts Schedule:

Monday: D

Tuesday: A

Wednesday- Friday: No School [Happy Thanksgiving Break!]


This week in Reading, first graders enjoyed several read alouds by the talented author Laura Numeroff. Some of these read alouds included: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Give a Dog a Donut, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, and If You Take a Mouse to the Movies. While listening to Numeroff’s books, students were on the search for identifying story elements like characters, setting, and plot. First graders were given an assessment on setting, where they were asked to identify the setting in a text and provide key details from the text for support. Students also learned all about retelling this week in Reading Workshop. We learned that we can retell the main events of a story across our fingers, using the sentence stems First, Next, Then, After that, and Finally. Please ask your child to use 5-finger retelling at home as well.


First graders were so inspired by Laura Numeroff’s stories that they wanted to create their very own circular stories during Writing Workshop! Students used Numeroff’s stories as mentor texts and modeled their writing after her patterns. We enjoyed collaborating with our author buddies for ideas and support. Our whole class Laura Numeroff book is going through the “publishing” portion of the writing process. Just like every problem in life, there typically is some sort of “problem solving cycle” that we utilize, whether we realize it or not. For design challenges in class, we have used the “Design Process” and the “Engineering Process.” This week in writing, we discussed and worked our way through the WRITING PROCESS! These kiddos are such great thinkers and problem solvers!

Word Study

This week in Word Study, we started a new word study rotation. On Monday, your child brought home their word study list to study with at home. Word lists have 5 sight words, 2 feature words (ot, op), and 3 frequently used words. Word lists are developed based on what students are frequently spelling incorrectly and words that students are using in their writing often. We practiced our words by rainbow writing them, using the strategy of look, say, cover, check, writing our words 3 times on whiteboards and circling the neatest handwriting, and participating in "Feature Friday" where each student used different letter tiles to make “ot” and “op” words. We will continue to practice our words next week!

High Frequency Words: one, what, your, when, there

Feature Words: got, chop

Frequently Used Words: use, friend, thank


Mathematicians learned all about DOUBLES this week in Math! A doubles fact is when both addends are the same digit; for example, 2+2=4 or 4+4=8. Doubles facts are friendly numbers to work with and easy for students to remember. When they have the foundation of knowing their doubles facts, they can then solve near doubles and other addition/subtraction sentences more confidently and efficiently. We enjoyed making doubles flip books, playing Doubles Cover Up, as well as answering story problems with doubles. At the end of the week, students solved wordless story problems. They were then given more information to see if they could solve the problem. Students really enjoyed this deep thinking activity and persevering when the problems got a bit tricky!


This week in Social Studies, students learned all about Thanksgiving! We enjoyed comparing and contrasting Thanksgiving: Then and Now throughout the week. Students focused on the following topics to compare/contrast: communication, toys, and shoes. First graders were assessed on Then and Now with a sort on Friday. We also enjoyed reading the Scholastic News article: My Mayflower Diary.

Have a great weekend! (and a Happy early Thanksgiving!) We are so thankful to work with such incredible kiddos and families here at Thomas!
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