Mary Vosler

Welcome to the Reading Support webpage! We would like to encourage you to enjoy reading to and with your child all summer long! Your child has worked hard all year and has made wonderful gains in reading and writing this year. Please help your son or daughter maintain their good progress by reading lots of good books together. Your child can have all kinds of fun “adventures” and go lots of places without ever leaving home! One of the biggest predictors for success in school is simply reading--a lot!

The Columbus Metropolitan Library has two branches in the Dublin area. See the links on this page. They offer a fun Summer Reading program that rewards participants with coupons and prizes for books read. They even have an Online Summer Reading program this year!  We encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful resources we have here in our community.

Also, Barnes and Noble bookstore on Rt. 161(Dublin-Granville Rd.) will be offering story hours for young children. Please see the link below for more information.

Also, please see the Summer Reading Calendar that will be on the Riverside calendar over the summer!  It will have both literacy and numeracy ideas to use throughout the summer.

 You can also check out the Ohio Department of Education to learn about learning standards and assessments that your child will be having. 

One of the biggest keys to success in school reading is the amount of wide reading a student does. This means reading a variety of book types, such as fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Within these categories are fairy tales, realistic fiction, fantasy, biographies, books about animals, environments, space travel, and many different topics that your child may be interested in. One of the best ways you can help your child be successful in school is to provide ways of building background knowledge in several different topics about this fascinating world we live in!

Have a fun and relaxing summer! Happy Reading!

Mary Vosler

Reading Support Teacher

Riverside Elementary School


Check back for updates!

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