Fourth Grade


Dear Parents,
I can't believe that the end to our school year is here! It really was such an awesome year and I SO enjoyed all of your children!! Thank you for all of your support this year.  Together, we achieved great things academically and I am so very proud of all of the students' progress they have made. "Perseverance" was definitely an action that this class demonstrated on a daily basis! Not only did they amaze me with all of the learning they achieved, but I was also so proud of the leaders they have become over the year. They are kind, thoughtful of others feelings, and self-motivated! Kudos to all of you parents for raising such great kids.
I hope everyone has a great summer break!  I wish you lots of fun memories with family and friends. Amongst your fun, I would hope that your child continues to engage in academic activities.  Over the summer break, it is important to maintain skills learned this year.  Some important activities are...reading, writing, and making sure he/she is keeping up on the math facts. The Columbus Metropolitan Library has a great summer reading program and information about this is being sent home with the students the last week of school. It is fun for the students and they always have some great prizes you can earn. Encourage your child to keep a summer journal that can be filled with thoughts about summer events, vacations,  fictional stories, poems, etc.  Writing letters to relatives and friends is always fun too!  Having some extra time this summer may even lend itself to a fun science or social studies project.  Your child may have their own ideas of how to keep engaged academically over the summer. They have become expert creators and innovators this year!
I'm wishing your family a wonderful and relaxing summer break!! 
Lynda Barrington
[email protected]
(614) 764-5970 

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