February News


Dear Parents,

January has certainly passed quickly! This month brings Valentine’s Day. Our party will be held on Tuesday, February 14, starting at 2:45 in the afternoon. Fifth grade students who would like to bring valentines should bring a valentine for each of their classmates. Valentines should be brought to school in a bag the morning of the party. Candy can be included in valentines; however, our school policy is that students save the candy to eat at home since we will have other food at the party. We will decorate special valentines bags at school to hold the cards that your child receives. If you would like to contribute items for the party please return the attached sheet by Tuesday, 2/7. Students voted to have ice cream with toppings as a sweet treat for this party. I’ve included a class list on the back of this page to help with addressing valentines.

In reading/writing workshops we have been working with both literary text and informational text. We have been comparing and contrasting characters, settings and events in stories. In informational text we have been finding main ideas and supporting details during our writing project on planets.

We are almost finished with our current science unit. Students have been modeling predictable movements of the Earth, sun, and moon. Your child should be able to explain what causes day and night and what causes the seasons. If you have the time, try to look up at the night sky and talk about the stars and our moon! Also, I have encouraged students to notice where the sun is in the sky in the morning and late in the day. As they look at the sun’s position they can practice explaining their understanding that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. However, it is Earth’s rotation on its axis that causes this to appear to happen. In our next unit we will learn about invasive and endangered species in Ohio.

Please continue to help your child remember to read and practice their math facts each school night. Students should read for at least 20 minutes and then write about their reading for about 10 minutes in their reading spiral unless they completed their written response at school. This homework assignment provides practice that is critical for your child’s growth as a reader. We gain skills and improve when we read! Multiplication fact practice should last 5 – 10 minutes for those who are working to master their multiplication facts. Students have shown good progress in this area; it is important to their math success to continue practice these single digit facts.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, celebrations or anything you feel I should know to support your child’s growth.


Mrs. Jocelyn Shaughnessy


Valentine’s Day Party Information


It’s time to think about valentines! If you would like to contribute to our party, please complete the form below.

If your child is choosing to bring valentines to school they should be brought to school in the morning. Your child will need 18 valentines to give one to each classmate. More information is on the attached newsletter.

The items we will need for the party are listed below. Could you please sign your name next to items that you would be willing to provide and then send this sheet back to me no later than Tuesday, February 7? I will staple a sheet into your child’s planner with the item(s) that you should send in for the party. Thanks!!

Please remember that we are a nut- free classroom!


Party Information

18 students in the class

Party Date: Friday, February 14

Time: 2:45 – 3:20

Items can be sent to school earlier in the week (except for ice cream and fresh fruit) or on the morning of the party.

1. 1 large tub vanilla ice cream (enough for 18 servings)_________________________

2. Juice boxes (19)_________________________

3. Pretzels_____________________

4. Styrofoam bowls____________________________

5. Plastic spoons_________________________

6. Chocolate syrup (Squeeze bottle, please)______________________

7. Carmel syrup (Squeeze bottle, please)_________________________

8. Bananas (9)_____________________________

9. Strawberries (Cut up)_________________________

10. Cherries in a jar_________________________

11. Napkins_________________________

12. Willing to help serve food__________________________

13. One of the above items that no one that has not been signed up for_____________

Student Name______________________________________

Parent Name________________________________Phone_________________________

E –mail_____________________________________________


[email protected]

Main Curriculum Topics in February

Word Study: Using Latin prefixes to determine word meaning

Science: Invasive and endangered species in Ohio

Reading: Identify elements of stories, poems, and dramas and explaining how the elements contribute to meaning and structure; explain the relationship between characters and events in different types of text

Math: Continued practice with division; multiply and divide decimals; review of concepts taught earlier through homework packets.

Writing: Finish planet research project; begin fictional narrative


Student Names for Valentines

Caristian Hunter Ashley Caleb

Kneema Audry Reese Karen

Alex Patience Bradley Neveah

Gabe Aidan Ahmed Alyssa

Mya Jaden  Isahaq

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