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Welcome to Room 115!
First Grade News 2017

"Hungry to Learn...Eager to Fly...Welcome Future Butterflies!"

October Opportunities 

First Grade 2017

In the Classroom this month we continuing to practice:

  1. Raising hands to talk

  2. Listening to others when they are talking

  3. Cleaning up after ourselves

  4. Habit of the Month- Persevering

In Reading this month we are learning:

  1. Reading Strategies

  2. Reading Workshop routines

In Writing this month we are learning:

  1. Small Moments- Narrative Writing

In Math this month we are learning:

  1. Addition/Subtraction Strategies

  2. Making 10

  3. Teen Numbers

In Social Studies/Science this month we are learning:

  1. Things with missing pieces/parts do not work properly

  2. Motion (Push and Pull)

  3. Fall

  4. Then and Now


  1. Make sure your child gets enough rest

  2. Go through your child’s Home Folder daily to check for papers that need to be removed and papers that need to be signed and returned

  3. Help your child read and write sight words

  4. Read to your child regardless of his/her reading ability and listen to your child read the books from his/her reading at home baggie

  5. Have your child do daily jobs at home

  6. Have your child practice tying his/her shoes


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