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Welcome to Room 115!
First Grade News 2017

"Hungry to Learn...Eager to Fly...Welcome Future Butterflies!"


April Adventures

In the classroom this month, we are working on:

  1. Finding Humor (our new habit of the month)

In Reading this month we are learning:

  1. Nonfiction Features - what makes Nonfiction Books Special and different from Fiction?

In Writing this month we are learning:

  1. Nonfiction Research

In Math this month we are learning:

  1. Addition and Subtraction Strategies: +/- 0, +/- 1 or 2, adding 10, using doubles, making 10 to help us
    1. 2+3 = 5 (we can use the doubles fact 2+2 to help us)
    2. 34 + 6 = 40 ( 4+6=10, 30+10=40)
  1. Geometry - 2D & 3D shapes

In Social Studies/Science this month we are learning:

  1. Mapping Skills/Landforms continued
  2. Economics - Needs/Wants and Good/Services
  3. Spring


We will be going on a field trip to the Ohio Wildlife Center in Dublin, Ohio at the beginning of May. Since we have so many 1st graders, we will be splitting up over 2 days. Mrs. Hoerath, Mrs. Coombs and Mrs. Traber will be going on Thursday, May 4th! Mrs. Archer, Mrs. Adkins and Mrs. Jorgenson will be going on Friday, May 5th. Permission slips will be coming home. Please fill them out and return with money ASAP! Thanks!


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