8th grade Newsletter: October 13 , 2017

Washington D.C. Trip is Tuesday October 24th – Friday October 27th

- Arrive at KMS at 4:30AM on Tuesday October 24. Buses depart at 5AM!

- Find your bus. The buses will be lined up 1-6. Bus 1 will be towards the tennis courts and Bus 6 will be near the main entrance to the parking lot.

-See your chaperone to get id badge and give them your Ziploc bag of meds (with your name clearly on it)

-When directed, stow your suitcase under the bus and wait for instructions to board bus (the bus driver will assist in helping us with luggage).

-Remember that everyone is responsible for their own lunch on Tuesday. Either bring a sack lunch or plan on purchasing one with your own money!

-You are only packing for 3 days. Please consider this when choosing what to bring.

  • DC FAQ

  • DC Trip Guidelines

  • Overnight Medical Form

  • Packing List

  • Our Twitter handle for Karrer Middle School - @KarrerMS

  • This is our hashtag for the DC Trip - #kmsdc17

  • If you aren’t already following Karrer Middle School on Twitter you might want to for the trip. Teachers will be posting pictures and will be tagging the pictures with the hashtag.

-We will return from DC between 10 & 11PM on Friday October 27. Your child will call/text you when we get close to KMS.

- Please DO NOT PARK IN THE BUS LOOP when you come to pick up on Friday night.

- Park in the parking lot and wait until the buses have parked and begin to empty before approaching.

Students NOT going to DC

  • Come to school as you normally would and go to Mrs. O’Neal’s room for homebase.


Algebra 1

Mr. Young: Finishing project on graphing systems of equations. Understanding how to solve systems of linear equations algebraically.

Cog Ed

Mrs. Disilvestro (Mr. Bucci): Students will be working on becoming educated consumers by completing a product review project.


Mr. Pulsinelli - Geometry classes will explore equations of parallel and perpendicular lines.

Health 8

Mrs. Cockrell - We wrapped up our Substance Abuse Unit and we are moving into our Human Growth and Development Unit. We will start out discussing healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, dating violence, and sexual harassment. Have a relaxing fall break and a great time in D.C.

Mr. Huesman - We will be hosting a guest speaker from Common Sense Culture Monday through Thursday. We will not be in school on Friday. Have a great week!

Language Arts

Mrs. Jerger, Mrs. Kurtz, Mrs. Wolf: Students have prepared for their Thematic Essay on Night. Students will write this essay on Tuesday, 10/17. Students have been preparing and need to bring outlines and resources to class for their essay. Students will have a choice of extension activities of Elie Wiesel.

Mrs. Eddington: 8th Grade ELL language arts: We are finished with reading Elly: My True Story of the Holocaust. We will begin working on our writing piece to support our reading.

Math 8

Mrs. Keating: Students wrap up exponents with a test on Thursday (10/19).

Mrs. O’Neal: Students are learning about functions, input vs output, and what a function looks like on a graph.

Mr. Pulsinelli: Math 8 classes will begin to investigate Functions.

Mr. Young: Understanding and apply pythagorean theorem. Using pythagorean theorem to find distances on a coordinate plane.

Science 8

Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Heath: Students will be continuing to explore forces that can act on objects without touching them. We have investigated gravity & magnetism, and are now focusing on static electricity. We will be building speakers before the "fall break" to demonstrate several of the scientific concepts we've been learning about in class so far this school year.

Mrs. Chandler: Students will be studying chemical potential energy and investigating the calorie content of favorite snack foods.

Physical Science

Mrs. Chandler: Students will be working on Heat Transfer inquiry projects all week.

Social Studies

Mrs. Albert, Mrs. Heath, and Mrs. Wilch: Students will explore the Battle of Gettysburg and symbolism within Washington D.C. Monuments/Memorial in preparation for their D.C. trip.


Mrs. Buss: Students will begin CH 2 A Conocernos, while continuing to use subject pronouns and the verb SER. Students will begin using adjectives in Spanish to describe people. Students will have an opportunity to earn crédito extra before the end of the quarter in order to help their overall content mastery average. It will not be required, but ALL students will have an opportunity.

Mrs. Reilly: ​Students will learn a second new verb: gustar. We'll use gustar to talk about things we like and activities we like to do. We'll quickly learn about definite articles, noun gender, and interrogatives as well. These have been woven into our curriculum already, but haven't been explicitly taught yet. On Thursday before fall break and the DC trip, we'll also learn some new Cultura Mexicana: the Mesoamerican Ballgame!​


Mrs. Williams: Students will continue work in our first unit, Design & Modeling. Students will continue to learn how to use our 3D modeling software by creating a pegboard toy. End of the nine weeks is Thursday, please be sure that you have all work completed by the end of the day on Thursday.

Tech Solutions

Mrs. Williams: Students will continue working on our engineering design unit using Sketchup to create a shipping container house.

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