8th grade Newsletter: April 21, 2017

Reminders & Announcements:

8th grade event:

Hello 8th Grade Parents: It’s hard to believe but our kiddo’s time at KMS is coming to an end and they will be heading off to high school before we know it! We are planning an end of the school year event to celebrate their accomplishments and time spent at KMS. This year’s 8th Grade Event will be held on Friday, May 19th from 7 to 9 PM at the school. The theme for the event is Beach Party and will include exciting activities, DJ and dancing, several catered in meal options, desert bar and a gift for ALL 8th grade students. We need your help to make this special event possible. We are asking that each student pay a $25 fee to assist the PTO underwrite the cost of the event. Please make all checks out to "KMS PTO". This will help pay for the food, SuperGames activities and gifts for the students. Additionally, if you can donate candy or a dessert for the dessert bar it would be greatly appreciated. We will also need volunteers the night of the event. There will be a video to view on the night of the event recapping our children’s time spent at KMS. Squier Photography has been kind enough to offer their services free of charge. Please submit three photos (preferably group photos) of your child and classmates to [email protected] for the video. We are hopeful that all 8th Grade KMS students will join in the fun for this special occasion. Please complete the attached participation form and SuperGames waiver and have your student turn in to their home base teacher along with payment by Monday, May 1st. See you soon!

Save the date!

8th Grade Awards are Wednesday May 24th from 1:30-2:45PM! Please plan to attend!


Algebra 1

Mr. Young: Using Quadratic Formula and Completing the Square to solve equations.


Mr. Pulsinelli - Geometry classes are concluding their investigations on probability and beginning to explore volume and surface area of 3-D prisms.

Health 8

Mrs. Cockrell - The 8th graders will continue to work through our substance abuse unit, focusing on how drugs affect and change the brain. We will discuss addiction and its effects on families, relationships and goals. Have a great week!

Mr. Huesman - In 8th grade Health we will research reproduction and life expectancy on the Chrome Books and present our findings with partners on Friday!

Language Arts

Mrs. Jerger & Mrs. Kurtz: Students will continue to participate in conversations about contemporary issues and pairing both fiction and nonfiction texts. Please contact Mrs. Jerger or Mrs. Kurtz with any questions. Contemporary Issue books are due Friday, April 28th.

Mrs. Eddington & Mrs. Wolf: We will begin our culminating activity, a multigenre project that will involve research, informational writing, and opportunities for creative writing.

Math 8

Mrs. O’Neal: Students are doing a great job with our Geometry Unit and the Aluminum Foil Prank. We are going to review rules of exponents and scientific notation before moving on to our statistics unit.

Mr. Pulsinelli: Math 8 classes are "foiling the library" and "building their dream house" with volume and surface area calculations.

Mr. Young: Understanding and using surface area and volume for three-dimensional objects.

Physical Science

Mrs. Chandler: Physical Science will be starting their big, culminating project, "Operation Amusement Park Physics." Our first project will be designing and constructing a rollercoaster, calculating energy and transformations, speed, velocity, and forces acting on a closed system.

Science 8

Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Chandler, and Mrs. Heath: In 8th grade science, students will be wrapping up their investigation of pedigrees at the beginning of the week. We will also spend some time discussing retake opportunities for the mastery checks that have be taken so far this quarter. Students will be encouraged to develop a plan to retake these assessments in a timely manner. This information will be shared in class on Monday, 4/24. Our next topic will be understanding the limits and benefits of sexual and asexual reproduction to a species. Some students will demonstrate mastery of this content early and will shift their focus to the role mutations play in genetics - there are positive, neutral and negative mutations in all organisms. Did you know the average human has about 100 mutations and doesn't even know it?!

Social Studies

Mrs. Albert, Mr. Anglea, and Mrs. Heath: The students will be starting to examine the causes of the America Civil War.


Mrs. Buss: Spanish students will continue reading the short novel Pobre Ana and will be working on the handouts. There is a Spanish movie scheduled as well...one of my favorites!


Mrs. Williams: Students will complete work on Robot coding Tasks 4 & 5 this week. Course Post Assessment on Friday.

Upcoming dates for students to be ready for:

May 9 - Coding Quick Check #2

May 23 - Automation & Robotics Post Assessment

Tech Solutions

Mrs. Williams: Students will finish work on their color replacement project due Monday and begin work on their second graphic design project, clipping mask, that will be due on Thursday. Friday they will begin their third graphic design project, new species, due on May 2.

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