7th grade Newsletter: May 19, 2017

7th Grade ROCKS: Responsible Outstanding Caring Karrer Students

May precept: Believe you can and you’re halfway there. – Theodore Roosevelt


  • Students are NOT to bring any sort of school supplies, bags or backpacks to school

  • Packed lunches should be in disposable bags

  • Lockers may only be used to secure lunches and cell phones

  • Pens for yearbook signing will be provided


  • I forgot to order a book. Can I still get one?

    • Yes! Extra books will be available in the office on a first come, first serve basis. Bring a $30 check (Written out to Karrer Middle School - memo: Yearbook) to the office on the last day of school.

  • I won't be here on the last day, so can I get the book early?

    • No. Books are available on the last day and will remain in the office to pick up after that last day.



Mrs. DiSilvestro – During our final class meetings, students use the design method through the game, The Extraordinaires Design Studio. Third Trimester WEP reports will be sent home with students next week. Have a great last week of school and summer break!


Mrs. Cockrell – The 7th graders will finish up the year learning about nutrition. We will focus on essential nutrients, the role of food labels, understand the characteristics of healthy meals, snacks and fast food choices as well as, recognize the effects of unhealthy food choices. Have a fun summer!!

Mr. Huesman – In 7th grade health this week, we will be viewing and discussing the movie, "Super Size Me".


Mrs. Ames & Miss Rothermund – Students will be working on their final book group projects. They will be presenting these on Tuesday and Wednesday. Summer Reading information can be found on Karrer's website and the district homepage. We've enjoyed having your kids this year, and we hope you have a wonderful summer!

Mr. Dillard – We are closing out the year with short stories and writings, which consist of types of poetry and letters to the 8th grade teachers entitled "Hi, My Name Is." The class just completed their demonstration speeches, which were very innovative and fun!


Mrs. Hudson & Mrs. Keating Math 7 – Mrs. Keating and Mrs. Hudson want to thank you for allowing us teach your kids. We can't wait to see our students to become successful adults!!! The auction is on May 24.

Mrs. Keating Math 8 – Students will finish and play their review games. Auction is Wednesday, May 24th.

Mrs. O’Neal Math 7/8 – It has been a pleasure working with your children this year! I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing summer filled with lots of fun memories!


Mrs. Beekman, Mr. Cline, Mr. Levine – Students will wrap up the Electricity unit with a quick check covering batteries and electric circuits on Tuesday, May 23. Thank you for a fun school year and we hope all of our students have a fun, safe summer!


Mrs. Albert, Mr. Anglea, & Miss Hughes – The study of Chapter 20, Renaissance and Reformation along with Chapter 21, The Age of Exploration and Trade will wrap-up the studies of 7th grade social studies. Thank you to all the students for their effort in class each day and for being such a positive and productive group of students this year. It's been a GREAT year and you will be missed!


Mrs. Brown – Mrs. Brown's art classes will be creating edible color wheels the last week of school. They will have to mix their own colors and create the wheel before they can indulge! The wheels will be created using vanilla wafers, vanilla icing and food coloring. If you do not wish for your child to participate in this activity, please email Mrs. Brown by May 22nd at [email protected]

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