7th grade Newsletter: October 13, 2017

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October precept: No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. - Aesop



Mrs. Cockrell – The 7th graders will wrap up our body systems unit and move into our substance abuse unit this week. Officer Evans will come to our class for 5 days to teach the D.A.P.P program. Have a great week!

Mr. Huesman – In 7th grade Health this week, we will continue with the last two days of D.A.P.P. from Officer Evans from the Dublin Police. We will then do two days of current events from Choices Magazine. No School on Friday. Have a great week!


Mrs. Ames & Miss Rothermund This week we will continue reading our class novel, Upside Down In The Middle of Nowhere, and we will analyze how the theme is developing throughout the story. In writing, we will be drafting our realistic fiction narratives.

Mrs. Eddington – We are working on exploring crossword puzzles, sentence structure and doing our final revisions on our personal narratives by adding sensory details, transition words and more.

Mr. Keefer In reading we will be working on first quarter reading reflections. In writing we are finishing our Book Essays or Small Moments writing. We will also be having an assessment on applying grammar strategies. As a reminder it is an expectation to read 3 hours a week outside of class.

Mrs. Kinney – We are in suspense following the Corrigan family's entry into WITSEC; the mean restrictions help us appreciate the "normalcy" of our daily lives. We will have a vocab and comprehension quiz after Chapter 6 of this novel. In writing, the narratives are drafted in sections with revisions and peer feedback at each juncture. We have some captivating stories coming along!


Mrs. Hudson & Mrs. Keating’s Math 7 – Students will have a test on Wednesday, October 18, over unit rates and ratios. We will start Topic 2, proportional relationship. Weekly Review 8 is due October 18th.

Mr. Levine’s Math 8Next week students continue, and end, the Scientific Notation unit with a quiz at the end of the week.

Mrs. O’Neal’s Math 7/8 Students are looking at the Pythagorean Theorem and how to solve the missing side length on a right triangle.


Mrs. Beekman, Mr. Cline, & Mr. LevineScience finished a look at how water cycles through the hydrosphere. Next week we begin to look at how water interacts with the land (Lithosphere). We will be doing labs involving runoff, porosity and permeability. DONATIONS NEEDED: Play-dough is needed for the labs. If you have any or would like to donate some, please send it in early next week. THANK YOU!


Mrs. Albert, Mr. Anglea, & Mrs. Wilch Students will be studying Ancient Greece and will be working on a vase project in class. Their vase will be a representation of their interests, hobbies, and heritage along with other qualities and characteristics that represent them as a unique individual.

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