7th grade Newsletter: April 21, 2017


The KMS 7th grade students and staff are participating in raising funds to support Wright Elementary School’s Blessings in a Backpack and the Welcome Warehouse. In support of this community service project, each homebase attended Wright Elementary once throughout the school year. While at Wright Elementary, the middle school students packed the backpacks with food and participated as peer buddies with the elementary students. Over the holiday season, students collected items that were donated to Welcome Warehouse. Students are encouraged to find sponsors who will donate to support our community service project. Donations are accepted in the form of cash or check made payable to Karrer Middle School. The turn in dates are Thursday, April 20, Tuesday, April 24, and our final collection date is Thursday, April 27. We truly appreciate your support as we strive to recognize the needs of others and the commitment to be actively involved in our community.

7th Grade Washington DC Trip

7th grade students and parents. Thank you for getting your child registered for our DC trip. Please DO NOT turn in any forms for our trip this school year. All forms will start to be collected at the start of your child's 8th grade year. All forms are available on our website for you to view and print off: http://www.dublinschools.net/WashingtonDC.aspx Hard copies are available in our main office as well. Our second payment of $240 will be due May 12th paid via the Discovery Tours website. 




Mrs. DiSilvestro – Students will continue research and work on Sustainability and Climate Change Choice Projects. Ask your child about his or her project selection and if he or she plans to bring any materials from home (i.e. cardboard boxes, poster board, etc.,).


Mrs. Cockrell – The 7th graders will have Drug Abuse Prevention Program (D.A.P.P.) with Officer Evans next week. They will focus on laws, substance abuse, decision making and scenarios. Have a great week!

Mr. Huesman – In 7th grade Health this week, we will do our research project #3 on the topic of Stress and report our partner findings on Friday to the class.


Mrs. Ames & Miss Rothermund – Students will pick their topic and begin researching for their cause and effect speech. We will continue argument writing, and students will be in a small group completing a piece about competitive sports.

Mr. Dillard – We continue reading Five People You Meet in Heaven, and we will be watching the first half of the movie that correlates with the novel. The students are also writing various type of poetry and reviewing vocabulary.

Mrs. Kinney – We continue to read about Eddie's journey in The Five People You Meet in Heaven. There will be a vocal quiz on Tuesday 4/25, over the 20 words from the book pages 1-51; please search mrskinney on quilt, Five People pages 1-51 to study. We will begin our grammar study of sentence types - simple, compound, complex to push students to add varied lengths and maturity to their writing endeavors. We have started argument writing with a limited selection of articles and topics. Individual outline checks for this essay are due on or before next Thursday, April 27, 2017.


Mrs. Hudson & Mrs. Keating Math 7 – Students will continue their work on our Geometry Unit. Weekly Review 27 is due on Wednesday, April 26.

Mrs. Keating Math 8 – Students will wrap up Geometry with a test on Wednesday. Our next unit is Statistics and Data Analysis.

Mrs. O’Neal Math 7/8 – The kids are doing a great job with our Geometry Unit. We are going to review rules of exponents and scientific notation before moving on to our statistics unit. Responsible Outstanding Caring Karrer Students


Mrs. Beekman & Mr. Cline – The students did a great job creating infomercials for the physical properties of matter this week. Next they will investigate the periodic table and different elements. Chemistry Quick Check #1 covering matter and the periodic table is scheduled for Thursday, April 27. Slime Science - In Science, students will be conducting an investigation to help differentiate between elements, compounds, and mixtures as well as experiment with the physical properties of slime. Students should bring in a slime recipe and enough materials to make 2 batches of slime by Monday, May 1.

Mr. Levine – Next week students continue learning about elements, the periodic table, and other chemistry topics. A chemistry unit quiz is scheduled for May 3rd.


Mrs. Albert, Mr. Anglea, & Miss Hughes – Student will be finishing up the study of Africa and will be beginning the study of chapter 14 Islamic Civilizations. This chapter will be focusing on the culture and development of the empire

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