6th grade Newsletter: October 13, 2017



Science (Bishop and Miller) We will continue our study of rocks.
Social Studies (Bowers and Ziraldo) We will be talking about types of governments and economic systems. There will be a quiz on Thursday, the 19th.
Math 6 (Beery and Voyko) Students will be reviewing decimal operations including division.
Math 7 (Voytko) We will finish Topic 1: Ratios and Rates with solving complex ratios and rates. There will be an assessment over Topic 1 on Thursday 10/19 to wrap up the first quarter of school!
Math 7/8 (O'Neal) Students are looking at the Pythagorean Theorem and how to solve the missing side length on a right triangle.
Language Arts (Dramble and Hamilton) We will be wrapping up our study of the Great Depression with a play and a documentary as students prepare to write a piece to culminate the unit. There is a vocabulary quiz over the "President Cleveland, Where are You" words on Monday. Book orders are due Wednesday. There will be a spelling test on Thursday. Enjoy your Fall Break! :)
Language Arts (Dennison and Magistrale) Students will finish exploring informational articles on the Great Depression. Students will also participate in a Spelling Unit #2 with a quiz on Thursday. Happy reading!
ELL Language Arts (Mrs. Eddington) We continue to work on parts of speech. We created paper chain sentences with color-coded strips to match nouns, verbs, and pronouns. We played some Boggle to help with our word making and we will begin learning about fall.

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